The Media and Donald Trump Continue To Fail America

(Photo Credit: Cleveland.Com).

Donald Trump is on pace to lose the 2020 election by 6 million votes. He lost the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton by 3 million votes. That makes him a two-time loser. The racist, criminal, man-baby has now hidden himself in the White House. Trump has not addressed the media in 7 days.

On Thursday, CNN and MSNBC spent the day talking about Trump launching a new TV network and how he will run again in 2024. Fox news spent the entire day implying that the election was stolen from Trump. They did this, despite all 50 states reporting that there has been no cases of wide-spread voter fraud.

Trump has lied over 20,000 times over the past 4 years. He is now hiding and lying, via twitter, about losing the election.

Trump’s biggest lies:

  • Mexico did not pay forĀ  the wall.
  • He did not replace and repeal Obama Care.
  • He did not drain the swamp.
  • He did not defeat ISIS with a secret 30 day plan.
  • He did not get money out of politics, he stole millions of dollars from his supporters and the government.
  • He did not defeat the Corona Virus, we are now hitting the 100,000 daily infected mark.

Trump is not letting the Joe Biden’s team get any information. The peaceful transfer of power is not being honored and the media continues to placate him and wonder, how is he feeling?

Here is Trumps mood:

  • He is trying to get as many people as he can, sick
  • He is encouraging violence from his Nazi soldiers, The Proud Boys.
  • He is firing anyone who does not want to take part in his attempt to overthrow the government.

Democracy is on the verge of collapsing. Memo to the media.

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