Dear Joe Biden

Too often, symbolism has stood in for making a meaningful difference in the lives of Black people. Will Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s 2020 Democratic ticket be different?Photograph by Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Dear Joe Biden,

First and foremost, I must correct myself. It’s President-Elect Joe Biden. Sincerely, I’d like to congratulate you on your win. Actually, I wouldn’t say your victory. It was a victory for the American people. There are reasons that I don’t say, “my victory,” and that’s what I’m here to explain. It’s not my victory, Joe Biden, because I didn’t vote for you. I write to you today because I have some concerns.

First, President-Elect Joe Biden, I’d like to discuss the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. You should remember this bill. It is a bill that you, Joe Biden, co-sponsored. I can’t speak for all African-Americans, but I know of quite a few who begrudgingly voted for you. Why do you ask? It’s because of the 1994 Crime Bill. Some Americans’ memory may be very short regarding that bill, but many black communities still suffer.

Joe Biden
Biden says it was a ‘mistake’ to support past U.S. crime bill – Oct 15, 2020

Whether or not you want to admit it, Joe Biden, the bill you co-sponsored, did lead to mass incarceration. Of course, in the year 2020, we have the benefit of hindsight. In 1994, you and a host of other Democrats believed that the bill was in our best interest. It was not. What frustrates people like me was your stubborn defense of the bill. It’s okay to be wrong. I’m glad you finally admitted that your support of the bill was a mistake. More importantly, what are your plans to fix the issue you helped to start?

Second, President-Elect Joe Biden, there is the issue of the sexual assault allegations brought forth by Tara Reade. Now, I know many reading this will immediately bring up the numerous sexual assault allegations of soon-to-be former President Trump. The key words there are soon-to-be-former. There is a space for the conversation of Trump’s assault claims, but it is not here. Here, we discuss the assault claims about the next president.

Joe Biden

To be honest, Mr. President-Elect, I was not happy with how quickly the allegations were just brushed aside. I don’t place all the blame on you. The mainstream media played its role in the story not being more significant. To your credit, you did attempt an apology, but it was not enough. What will you do to make women feel safer in the workplace? What will you do to make women feel safer and heard in general? Yes, I know you are not Donald Trump, but we still have a long way to go.

Third, President-Elect Joe Biden, you say you will be a President to all Americans. I want to commend you for this, but how significant will your resolve be to stick to this message? When former President Barack Obama won in 2008, the GOP began a toxic tribalism trend in politics. When Donald Trump won in 2016, the Democrats escalated that battle. Will you be the one to end it?

Joe Biden

As the kids say, let’s keep it a buck. Donald Trump has his base, but his base is small. I may disagree with their reasoning, but many voted for Trump because they felt they were voiceless. Whether people want to believe it or not, many voted for Donald in 2020 because they still think that way. As John Kasich eloquently said on CNN this morning, it’s time to start listening to the other side. Not all Republicans are bad people, and not all Conservatives are racist. They are simply people with different viewpoints. Even if you disagree with their views, they deserve for you to listen to them. You might even find that they have good, helpful things to say.

Joe Biden

Last, President-Elect Joe Biden, there is something that I would like you to remember most. It’s something that I take very seriously, and I cannot stress it enough. Please do not forget who won you this election: Women and minorities. In Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and other large cities and their surrounding areas, women, and minorities showed out for you. They showed up for hope of real change.

Joe Biden

Earlier, I stated that many of the African-Americans voted for you begrudgingly. Again, I cannot speak for all blacks, but this may be the last shot for the Democrats to keep the African-American vote. The recent death of George Floyd shows that we blacks still suffer from decades of broken promises and lack of effort from Democrats. To put it bluntly, don’t screw this up. For women, since the MeToo movement, they are finally getting their opportunity to be heard. It is on you, along with Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, to make the voice of women even stronger. Otherwise, you will lose them too.

Though you did not get my vote, Joe Biden, I look forward to working with you. I will tell you upfront that I will be honest with you. While the times were few, I did congratulate President Trump when he did things right. Also, I was not afraid to chastise Donald Trump when I felt he was wrong, which was quite often.

I hope to congratulate you more than I admonish you, but I will not be afraid to do the latter. Please bring honor back to the office of the presidency. Most importantly, unite America and do what Trump failed to do: Make America Great.


A Concerned American