America is Burning and Donald Trump is the Arsonist

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George Floyd was murdered by 4 police officers this week. The video is brutal to watch.

Derek Chauvin, the so called, “Police officer” held his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck for 2:53 after he was dead. A black CNN reporter, Omar Jimenez, along with two members of his producing team, were arrested Friday morning while covering the Minneapolis protests. Jimenez was handcuffed for doing his job, before Chauvin was arrested for 3rd degree murder.

We are now seeing riots across the country. Many of the protestors are peaceful and just want justice served. We are also seeing White Supremacist’s,dressed in black, vandalizing property. MSNBC’s Joy Reid tweeted the following:

So now, the attorney general, Bill Barr, is attempting to pin the anarchy and infiltration, which is already documented as coming from white nationalist groups, on “left leaning” ANTIFA groups. The goal is to force the media to repeat that. What is his proof?

Over the past 3 months, we have seen America turn into a 3rd world country. We have over 105,000 deaths because of Covid-19, we have over 42 million unemployed and we have Americans protesting all over the country.

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The so called “President of the United States” refused to address the nation on Sunday. Instead he had his lap dog, William Barr, blame liberals for the riots on Saturday.

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Barr, as if he were speaking at a Ku Klux Klan rally, said the following:

“Groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate and violent agenda, in many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized and driven by anarchic and far left extremist groups using Antifa-like tactics.”

FBI Director, Christopher Wray, said in October, that the agency has made about 100 domestic terrorism-related arrests over the past year, and the majority were tied to white supremacy.

”I will say that a majority of the domestic terrorism cases that we’ve investigated are motivated by some version of what you might call white supremacist violence.”

Donald Trump has a history of racism. Anyone who grew up in New York and New Jersey has known three things abundantly clear about Trump.

  1. He is crimal.
  2. He is a sexual predator.
  3. He is a rabid, racist.

Trump tweeted:

“Crossing State lines to incite violence is a FEDERAL CRIME! Liberal Governors and Mayors must get MUCH tougher or the Federal Government will step in and do what has to be done, and that includes using the unlimited power of our Military and many arrests. Thank you!”

This is the same racist, con man who tweeted support for the radical, right wing militia in Michigan:

The Governor of Michigan should give a little, and put out the fire. These are very good people, but they are angry. They want their lives back again, safely! See them, talk to them, make a deal.”

The Guardian reported that among the hundreds of protesters gathered in Michigan, many of them came from out of state.

Photo Credit: (The Guardian).

This is Charlottesville all over again. Heather Heyer was murdered by a Trump supporting, White Supremacist, and Trump called the radical, right wing, terrorists, very fine people. The only difference between than and now, we are seeing violence all over the country. Several police officers were flashing white power signs during these protests.

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There is a scene from the movie, The Dark Knight, where Alfred tells Bruce Wayne:

“Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

This statement describes Trump perfectly. He “gets off” on carnage.

Trump tweeted about the protestors:

The Secret Service would quickly come down on them, hard – didn’t know what hit them. The front line was replaced with fresh agents, like magic. Big crowd, professionally organized, but nobody came close to breaching the fence. If they had they would have been greeted with the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons, I have ever seen.

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Trump is a domestic terrorist and he is trying to take America back to Mississippi during the 1950s.

We can’t let that happen, we will not go back.

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