Corona Virus Update: He Will Kill Us All

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Three weeks ago at a Nazi rally, three chins, Donald Trump called the Corona Virus a hoax.

The MAGA supporters laughed and cheered as their leader minimized the virus.

Coronavirus Death Toll

17,234 people have died so far from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of March 24, 2020.

The Olympic Committee has canceled the 2020 Olympics. Every country in the world is shutting down. The NBA, MLB, NHL and every major sports organizations have suspended their seasons. Trump wants to open America again. He wants to forget about the virus as if it will magically disappear. Millions will get sick and more people will die and every one of them will be his fault. Here in Florida, Trump’s sycophant, Ron DeSantis refuses to take drastic action. Spring breakers were partying at bars and on the beaches for weeks. They are now going home and potentially spreading the virus to their friends, family and home state.

FILE PHOTO: People crowd the beach, while other jurisdictions had already closed theirs in efforts to combat the spread of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Clearwater, Florida, U.S. March 17, 2020. REUTERS/Steve Nesius/File Photo

Trump used Monday evening’s White House coronavirus press briefing to promote an unproven treatment for the illness COVID-19. An Arizona couple were trying to immunize themselves from COVID-19 — but they apparently used a version of chloroquine meant for cleaning fish tanks, according to a press release from Banner Health in Phoenix. The man died, and the woman is in critical condition.

The racist, corrupt, Putin Puppet in the White House, is giving wrong information to people, his base is listening to him and they are dying because of it.

Trump wants so called, “Blue State” to praise him and then he will give them aid. Have you watched the press conferences lately? Everyone on stage praising their bloated, Adderall induced Anti-Christ.

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Fox News continues to minimize this virus and the dangers of it. Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the Fox Network, cancelled his 89th birthday party because he was afraid of catching the Corona Virus. Trump and Fox News should be sued from criminal negligence and reckless endangerment.

Trump didn’t have to shoot someone on 5th Avenue as he said at one of his rally’s. He must pretend that the Corona Virus doesn’t exist. This way he will get what Putin has always wanted. Destroy America without using nuclear weapons.

When Trump stole the election, Kellyanne Conway said, “The President is making a list and anyone who is against him will be punished.” He is doing this now. Trump wants New York, California and Illinois to all suffer. People are dying and he doesn’t care because they didn’t vote for him. He is jealous of the Governor from New York and despises him because New York is trying to prosecute Trump for his numerous crimes. Governor Cuomo has become America’s Governor.

Don’t listen to Trump, don’t follow his advice. He doesn’t care about Americans. All he cares about is destroying our way of life and becoming a dictator. Every day he is in office we turn into a shithole country.
He will kill us all.

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