Dear Democrats: Stop Eating Your Own In The Primaries

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The Primary season is upon us and like clockwork, we already have Democrats fighting. We have seen the vitriol, by supporters online, taken to a Trump-rally like level. Followers of each candidate are spreading Trump talking points and Russian propaganda.

Bernie Sanders is a socialist.
Elizabeth Warren is a fake progressive.
Amy Klobuchar is too weak to take on Trump.
Joe Biden is too much of a centrist.
Tom Steyer is an out-of-touch billionaire.
Mike Bloomberg is a racist, who is trying to buy an election.

There is a scene in the Movie, First Blood, where the local police are trying to capture Sylvester Stallone’s character. The officers start fist fighting one another. The Chief, played by Actor Brian Dennehy, breaks up the fight and yells.

“What the hell is the matter with you guys, the fight is out there, and it is waiting for you!”

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That scene summarized what is happening to the Democratic party. The fight is out there.

No matter who the nominee turns out to be they will be 1000xs better than the terrorist in the White House. If your candidate is a moderate or progressive, they are still going to support LGBTQ and women rights, higher wagers, better health care and more checks and balances in our government. Democrats are getting so caught up in pushing their candidate over the finish line, they forget what we are up against.

Here are 5 reasons to vote for anyone but Trump:

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1) Trump is a pathological liar. He only lies when he opens his mouth. The media never calls him out on this during his live speeches or when he is on the White House lawn. They wait until the press conference is over and then report it later.

2) Remember when Trump accused Ted Cruz’s dad of plotting against JFK during the primaries. The minute Cruz dropped out of the race, that story went away. Trump will lie about every candidate and make up fake news with the help of his Russian bosses and Fox News.

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3) The Trump administration is going to take away Medicaid, Medicare and eventually social security. They are taking money away from American’s that we paid into. This is the greatest heist, con job, transformation of wealth and robbery in the history of our country.

Photo Credit: (ACLU.Com).

4) Children our being locked up, raped, tortured and killed on American soil, because of Trump’s concentration camps. These our innocent children seeking asylum, they have done nothing wrong. Kids are being brutally beaten for profit. John Kelly and several other GOP members are on the board of these torture chambers. They are allowing kids to be abused and the GOP are making money off it.

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5) In every way, the man in the White House surrounds himself with racist, corrupt, criminals. 8 members of Trump’s team has either pleaded guilty or served jail time. He has never been a role model. He is a terrorist and a traitor.

Democracy is dying right before our eyes. If we don’t wake up and “Vote blue no matter who” Democracy will be lost. If we continue to eat our own, maybe, that is what we deserve.

Dear democrats…“What the hell is the matter with you guys, the fight is out there, and it is waiting for you!”

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