Last Call – Supernatural – S15E07


After a week after for Thanksgiving Break, Supernatural returns with Last Call. Last Call is a packed episode that has a lot of consequences. With Sam and Dean running solo (in a sense), there is a lot to cover. So, let’s get it!

To start the episode, we see what appears to be after the last call at a bar for a couple of female friends. While one friend gets sick from the evening’s festivities, the other vanishes…along with her car. Back in the bunker, Dean is searching for a case, and he stumbles upon that case on his phone. Naturally, he’s intrigued. So, he goes to fetch Sam.

Dean finds Sam and Eileen hungover in the kitchen. Not wanting to ruin what he clearly thinks is about to go down (wink wink), Dean leaves under the guise that he wants to go for a drive and clear his head. Sam, whether drunk or hopeful, thinks that for the first time since Chuck returned, Dean is okay. Whether that is the truth or not remains to be seen.

Dean, I’m sorry, Agent Dukes takes a trip to the bar where the victim vanishes from. As it turns out, Dean knows the man who is onstage singing. The gentleman goes by the name of Lee Webb. Lee owns the bar and appears to know Dean as a hunter. In fact, he knows him as Dean Winchester, which is not something everyone can claim. Dean and Lee then head off for a beer.

Last Call

In the bunker, Sam and Eileen are hard at work studying. While Sam appears to be hitting the books hard, Eileen is studying Sam. Giving Sam that look, she says they need to take a break and do something fun. When Eileen says that, then she REALLY gives Sam a look. That not safe for work look. Sam, seemingly catching on, takes Eileen’s hand. With the worst timing ever, Castiel comes bursting in.

Castiel announces that he’s ready to help. Sam then fills Cas in and tells him that they are also looking for Lilith. Castiel does not think that they are looking in the right places, but he has more significant concerns. Cas believes that when Sam shot Chuck with the Equalizer, part of his soul went into Chuck. So, he thinks that part of Sam is still in God since the wound hasn’t healed. I sure hope they don’t need the gun for whatever Castiel has in mind, but we will find out.

Back in Swayze’s, Lee explains to Dean that after his last job, which was in the area of the bar, he decided that hunting was not the life for him anymore. Dean asks if he regrets waking away, and Lee says no. It makes you wonder if Dean has grand designs of walking away himself. Again, we will have to wait to find out.

Last Call
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Now, Castiel knows that he can’t heal the wound Sam has from The Equalizer. However, Castiel thinks that he can probe it. It’s probably dangerous, but Sam is up to the task. Castiel feels that it may be able to lead them to Chuck. So, they probe the wound. As you can imagine, it does not go well. Sam is blasted into the wall and knocked unconscious. Eileen appears to be very worried about this.

Castiel reaches out to Dean, but Dean is still “busy” as Swayze’s. Desperate, Cas then reaches out to Sergei. If you don’t recall, Sergei is who helped Team Free Will bring Jack back to life. After trying to decline, Castiel tells Sergei that he will burn him alive if he doesn’t help. Hedging his bet, Castiel makes another call to and asks for a favor. At that point, we don’t know who he reaches out to, but it doesn’t sound right.

Not given much of choice, Sergei arrives at the bunker. Sam is still out cold. After a brief bit of hoodoo, Sergei announces that Sam is dying. Back at the bar, Dean finally speaks with Sally. Lee is skeptical of Sally’s story, but he agrees to work the case with Dean. Maybe I’m paranoid, but something does not seem right about Lee. I’m sure we will find out in due time.

Meanwhile, Sergei attempts to explain why Sam is dying. Confirming what everyone already suspects, Sergei says that Sam’s soul is connected to someone or something. When Castiel probed the wound, he forces Sam’s soul to stretch. Sergei states that if the soul reaches too much, Sam will die, but he feels that he can fix the issue. How does he plan to fix the problem? Knowing Sergei, it will be something that comes at a high cost.

Last Call

Dean finds the body of the missing girl, which is in the trunk of her car in a graveyard. As Dean discovers the body, Lee is behind him. Lee says, “You just couldn’t leave well enough alone, could you?” Lee then knocks Dean to the ground. I don’t want to say I’m a prophet, but I knew something was off about him. Still, we don’t know exactly what Lee’s schemes are or what he will do with Dean.

Back in the bunker, Sergei applies some weird paste to The Equalizer wound. Sam does not wake up but begins to squirm in obvious pain. As he struggles, he begins to see what Chuck has been doing since Chuck flipped the switch on hell. In pure Sergei form, Sergei brings Sam closer to death. He says he can still fix it, but won’t until Castiel gives Sergei what he wants.

What Sergei wants is the key to death, which he believes the Men of Letters received a long time ago. The Black Key (as its called) opens the door to Death’s Library. Castiel then reveals his trump card. He pulls out his phone and shows Sergei the picture of a girl named Anna. Castiel has multiverse Bobby watching her. After Cas threatens the girl’s life, Sergei fixes Sam. Luckily, it’s not Sam’s last call.

We returned to Dean, who is now tied to a chair by Lee. Lee reveals to Dean that the last hunt broke him. He found a monster that gives money and health as long as he feeds it. Lee believes that no one cares. Dean says he does, but Lee tells him that’s what got Dean there. Lee plans to drain Dean’s blood to feed his monster. Dean, however, is able to free himself. The only problem is that the beast is hungry and still wants to eat.

Because he’s Dean friggin Winchester, Dean kills Lee’s little monster, which leads to a shootout between Dean and Lee. The shooting ends in a stalemate. Lee wants Dean to forget everything that happened and walk away. Dean, though, kills monsters, and he has a job to do. Once again, because he’s Dean friggin Winchester, Dean bests Lee. Lee asks Dean why he cares so much. Dean says, “Because someone has to.”  Lee then falls to the floor as his last call.

Dean returns to the bunker and runs into Castiel. Things are icy between the two, but Sam tells them he saw Chuck’s memories. Sam thinks that they can beat Chuck. Will Death’s prediction come true? Will he (now she) reap God? End episode.


Last Call follows the same format as the last couple of episodes. They split the time between the Chuck storyline and the monster of the week. Once again, it is a fantastic use of time in the episode. Let’s dig into it!

1. First and foremost, I left this out intentionally in the recap because it did not have much to do with the story. There is a scene in the episode where Lee and Dean sing together. If you don’t know, Jensen Ackles is in a band named Radio Company. The man who played Lee is his bandmate, Steve Carlson. They were amazing. If you haven’t checked out Radio Company, give them a listen. It’s great music!

2. Now, until essential things. Sam’s wound is, for sure, a connection to Chuck. Sergei, however, clarifies that it’s more than an association. A piece of Sam’s soul resides inside Chuck. Think of the portion of the soul as a bullet from a weak caliber gun. When Sam shot Chuck, his piece of the soul did not exit Chuck. I can guarantee that this is not something that Chuck intended. Still, does Chuck know of the consequences of the wound from The Equalizer? For that, we will have to wait and see.

3. Dean appears to have that fire lit under him again. Lee reminded Dean what Sam could not. They hunt because they have to. If they do not do the job, then who will? I would caution everyone, though, that this may be part of Chuck’s plan, for Dean to run into Lee and want to continue the fight. In the end, all roads lead to Chuck, and I think this is part of God’s grand design.

4. Things are still icy between Dean and Castiel. I still think they will make up, but I feel that it will be at the last possible moment. It is for this reason that I do not believe The Empty will ever take Cas. When it seems Castiel will be happy, Dean will die and end any chance of that happening.

Next week’s episode is Our Father, Who Aren’t in Heaven. I’m very excited for this episode! I’ve waited a long time for what is about to happen. Check-in next week to see what I mean!