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Supernatural returns this week with Proverbs 17:3. Call me bias, but I believe this episode is brilliant! The writers are outdoing themselves in Season 15. Proverbs 17:3 is proof that the showrunners want to end this series with a bang. I could go on and on about how great this episode is, but it’s best to explain. So, let’s get it!

Firstly, it’s best to explain the meaning of Proverbs 17:3. When I say explain, I mean, let us learn what the scripture says. In the King James Version of the Bible, Proverbs 17:3 states, “The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold: but the LORD trieth the hearts.” To understand how that fits the episode, first, we must get the full picture.

Proverbs 17:3

The episode begins with three young ladies out camping. Of course, things do not go well. When one goes to leave the tent, something in the dark devours her. Back in the bunker, Dean returns with supplies, which includes Ghost Pepper Jerky. Sam tries to warn him, but Dean is stubborn. As you can probably guess, the jerky is too much for Dean. He struggles not to burn alive while Sam explains the case.

Before they arrive at the case, Sam has another vision. This one is different than the ones we have seen before. Now, Sam is sitting at a table in the bunker in his infamous all-white Lucifer suit. Dean walks up behind him with the Colt in hand. Before he shoots Sam, Dean says, “Please forgive me,” and then pulls the trigger. Unfortunately for Dean, Sam is indeed Lucifer, and the Colt does not work. After Sam incinerates Dean, he wakes up in the Impala, but he’s not ready to tell Dean about the visions.

On the hunt in Colorado, the Sheriff they encounter is a little spooked about the attacks. She’s not so sure that whatever killed the ladies in the tent is a mountain lion. There was, however, one survivor. Sam and Dean go to meet her. The survivor, Ashley, reveals to Dean that what killed her friends is a werewolf. The Winchesters go to visit the monster, but soon learn that there are two wolves. The wolves, who are brothers, survive as Sam and Dean leave to attend to Ashley.

When the Winchesters leave, the two wolves realize they are in trouble. The older brother is the aggressor. It was his idea to eat the girls in the woods. The younger werewolf was supposed to kill Ashley, but he has no desire to eat human hearts. The brothers decide that it’s best to eliminate Ashley. So, they move forward with that plan.

Meanwhile, Ashley is afraid to be alone. So, Sam and Dean bring her back to their hotel. Ashley asks Dean to stay with her until she falls asleep, and Dean obliges. In the hotel room, Dean and Ashley have a heart-to-heart. Ashley asks Dean if he likes his job. He says he does. Dean explains that it is terrible, but it feels good to help people. He’s where he needs to be. Ashley thinks that everything is random and awful. “Wouldn’t it be great if everything is planned out for you,” states Ashley. Dean disagrees.

Sam wakes up Dean, and they discover Ashley is gone. Josh and Andy (the werewolf brothers) take Ashley back to their cabin, but the Winchesters are hot on their trail. Here is where things get exciting and a little weird. The fight with the werewolves is brief. Just when it seems the brothers will defeat the Winchesters, Andy kills Josh. He sees his brother was a monster, and Andy believes he’s a monster, as well. BOOM! Andy turns the gun on himself.

Proverbs 17:3

Ashley, meanwhile, is shocked. Dean goes to ask her if she is okay, but Ashley pushes him away. In the process of pushing Dean away, Ashley falls onto a set of antlers that impale her in the heart. Before Sam and Dean have a chance to feel the gravity of what just happened, Ashley pops back up. Removing the antlers after stating she was doing so well, Ashley reveals herself to be Lilith. Yes, you got that right! Lilith!

Chuck is at it again! Just when Sam and Dean thought it was over, Chuck has another trick up his sleeve. Lilith is now alive because God woke her up from the Empty because he has work for her. Chuck, however, has not sent Lilith to kill the Winchesters. Instead, God has sent Lilith to retrieve the Equalizer. Sam and Dean, though, refuse to hand it over willingly. They attempt to kill Lilith, but she is too much for them. Dean agrees to take Lilith to the Equalizer.

Proverbs 17:3

Before we get back to Lilith and Dean, Sam has another vision again. Except the roles are different this time around. Dean is beating the hell out of Sam. As Dean rolls up his sleeves, we see the Mark of Cain on his forearm again. Full of the anger of Deanmon, Dean plunges the First Blade into Sam. Then, Sam wakes up to find that Dean and Lilith are gone. He takes a truck and heads off to find Dean.

On the way to the hotel, Dean asks Lilith why she is working for Chuck. Lilith reveals that she died to free Lucifer from the cage and is upset to be alive again. While she cannot hurt God, Lilith can hurt Sam and Dean. Lilith reveals Chuck’s obsession with the Winchesters. Also, she explains how Chuck plans to end the world. In the end, either Sam or Dean kills the other, which explains the visions of Sam.

When they get to the hotel, Dean reveals that he lied to Lilith. The gun is not in the hotel. As Lilith goes to work on torturing Dean, Sam arrives and puts a bullet in her skull. It doesn’t kill Lilith, but it is a bullet with a devil’s trap. Still unable to kill Lilith, Sam and Dean flee. Lilith frees herself before they can reach Baby. She takes the Equalizer from the Impala and melts it. The Equalizer, Sam and Dean’s only actual weapon against Chuck, is gone.

Back in the bunker, Sam fails to reach Castiel for the 100th time. Now, it all sets in. Sam and Dean were never free of Chuck. God has had them tethered on a string this entire time. Dean reveals to Sam the grand scheme of Chuck. Then, Sam explains to Dean the details of his visions. It’s always Sam and Dean killing each other. Dean is upset that Sam is just telling him this now, but Sam sees this as a positive.

Sam believes that his wound from the Equalizer opens a connection between him and Chuck. Dean, however, cannot get over the fact that it was supposed to be over. He believes that they will keep running until Chuck ends them. Sam, on the other hand, says they should fight God himself. Dean, in disbelief, asks Sam how they are supposed to fight God without the Equalizer. End episode.


As I said to start, the writers bring their best with episodes like Proverbs 17:3. Last week, the writers mixed a monster-of-the-week episode with the Chuck story. Proverbs 17:3 spends equal time on both while having the two sides of the coin complement each other. Like I said at the beginning, the episode is brilliant. Let’s discuss the key takeaways.

1. The biggest takeaway is more insight into Chuck’s story. However, it doesn’t seem that Chuck is sure how he wants the story to end. One thing we know for sure is Chuck is toying with the greatest hits of Sam and Dean as bad guys. We’ve seen Deanmon, Demon Blood Sam, and Lucifer Sam. Chuck is true to his word when he tells Becky he wants the ending to be dark. It doesn’t get any more ominous than the brothers killing each other. Will it work, though?

2. Since Sam and Dean were able to overcome Hell, I figured Chuck would blow open Purgatory or the Empty next, but I was wrong. It’s a brilliant move by Chuck. He cannot guarantee that everyone he frees will be willing allies. Of course, he could force them, but that has to be boring to him as a writer. Chuck likes control. He will only free entities he believes he can control. So, who will Chuck free next?

3. It seems that the wound from the Equalizer is a link between Sam and Chuck. It’s very Harry Potter-esque. Is it really a link between them? So far, the misdirection of the writers is masterful. It would not put it past them to make the supposed link a trap for Sam and Dean. I tend not to think that is the case, but we shall see.

Next week’s episode is Golden Time. After a brief hiatus, the last leader of Team Free Will returns: Castiel. In what capacity will Cas becoming back. He and Dean have some things they need to work out. Can’t wait to see what goes down. See you next week!


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