5 Things The Republicans Lied About During The Impeachment Hearings

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Opening Statement:

We are two days into the impeachment hearing of Donald J. Trump. House Majority Leader, Adam Schiff, has handled himself with class, dignity and professionalism. The rabid, Republicans are acting like wanna-be mafia soldiers, looking to intimidate and threaten those who have testified. I was waiting for Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes to bring in Ambassadors, Maria Yovanovitch family members, like Michael Corleone did in the GodFather II.

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Based on the facts, the Republicans can’t defend 45’s actions. They know they are  indefensible. Instead, they are lying to the American people in plain site.

Here are 5 lies the GOP has told during the Impeachment Hearings:

1. Donald Trump fights corruption: 

Jim Jordan said,”Trump waited over 50 days to release the aid, to test the new Ukrainian President to see if he was honest.”  Trump is the most corrupt president we have ever had. When Republican Duncan Hunter was indicted for violating campaign finance laws and Chris Collins was indicted for inside trading, Trump criticized his former Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Trump Tweeted:

Two long running, Obama era, investigations of two very popular Republican Congressmen were brought to a well publicized charge, just ahead of the Mid-Terms, by the Jeff Sessions Justice Department. Two easy wins now in doubt because there is not enough time. Good job Jeff…

This tweet symbolized what the man in the White House is all about. Don’t waste your time prosecuting, guilty Republicans.

2. Trump gave more money to the Ukraine than President Obama:

The Obama administration had a different policy with the Ukraine. Obama sanctioned Russia and helped the Ukraine in other ways. Saying 45 gave more money than Obama is like saying, The Trump administration gave more money to the homeless than Jimmy Carter because Carter builds homes, he doesn’t donate money. It is irrelevant and two totally different philosophies. They are trying to say Trump gave more money… to make him look more powerful than Obama. It is not working.

3. We are hearing Testimony from 2nd hand sources:

The Trump administration is trying to order witnesses not to testify. It is 2nd hand testimony, because the the White House continues to block, threaten and intimidate, potential witnesses.

4. The Ukrainians got their aid, so there was no Quid Pro Quo:

Trump bribed, bullied and tried to extort the Ukraine President. It wasn’t until Congress opened an investigation into the matter that they were forced to release the aid. So the Republicans theory, the BS story they want us to believe is similar to this…

A bank robber goes into a bank, pulls out a gun and demands the teller to give him money. He looks up and sees a camera and realizes he is being filmed. He stops what he is doing and runs out of the bank. According to the GOP, that is not a crime.

5. Trump is the most transparent President ever:

Donald Trump and his lawyers keep asking courts to help keep the president’s tax returns hidden.  A federal appeals court on Wednesday let stand a ruling allowing lawmakers to subpoena President Donald Trump’s accountants for years of his financial records.

Closing Argument:

The Republicans are angry, they are fighting for their political lives. They look like rabid dogs. It is not because they are loyal to Trump. It is because they have all been blackmailed by Putin and Trump. If Trump goes down, their disgusting secrets will be revealed. Did you read that, Lindsey Graham?

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