Atomic Monsters – Supernatural – S15E04


From the start, Atomic Monsters is a thrill ride that you do not want to get off. Atomic Monsters is an episode direct by Jensen Ackles, and he does not fail to impress as a director. From beginning to end, there is intrigue, questions, and potential heartache. While the episode is supposed to be about the hunt, we will not focus too much on the hunt. You know what? Let’s just get into it!

The episode starts with a battle in the bunker. Dean is in a life or death battle with what appears to be demons. After he slaughters a few, Dean finds Benny near death on the floor. Here is the first moment of the intrigue of Atomic Monsters. Nothing in the first three episodes would indicate that Benny is back to life. As far as we know, Hell was the only Supernatural prison that Chuck opens. Still, Benny is alive…but it seems only for a short period.

Atomic Monsters

Deans kills one more demon. Before he kills him, the demon tells Dean that “he” is near. It turns out that “he” is Sam. Sam has turned dark side, and the reason is the demon blood. We learn that Sam killed Bobby and Jody in Sioux Falls. Dean tries to convince him that it’s not his fault, but Sam kills Dean as well. Before we have a chance to wonder what the hell is going on, Sam wakes up. It was all a dream, but it’s rocked Sam to the core.

Back in the kitchen of the bunker, Dean reveals that Sam rarely leaves his room after the death of Rowena. Doing what he does best, Dean convinces Sam to go on a hunt. The hunt itself takes a back seat. Sam and Dean are hunting a peculiar vampire, but when Becky Rosen appears, none of that matters. We haven’t seen Becky since Season Eight (I believe). Now, Becky is happily married with kids. So, it’s a shock to her when Chuck appears.

Atomic Monsters

Initially, Becky wants nothing to do with Chuck. She explains that she was in a dark place after their relationship and regrets putting Sam under the love potion. Chuck claims that he is happy for Becky, but he is not pleased with himself. God tells Becky about his falling out with the Winchesters and his sister. Of course, he leaves out a few critical details. So, Becky asks Chuck what makes him happy, which he says writing and creating makes him happy. “Well, Chuck, you have to write,” says Becky.

Atomic Monsters

Chuck tells Becky that things are different now. He used to be able to see Sam and Dean in his head, but he can’t now. Becky assumes it’s because he’s lost his prophet powers, but she is so wrong. She says writing is the only thing that can make a writer feel better, but Chuck thinks he can’t. Becky reinforces her point, saying that he can write. So, Chuck takes his former girlfriend’s advice and begins to write.

After a long interlude with Sam and Dean hunting, the show returns to Becky and Chuck. Becky is reading over the rough draft freshly complete by Chuck. Initially, she says she likes it but gives more of a critic when pressed by Chuck. Becky says the jeopardy check is thin and low stakes. The villains are not dangerous, Chuck does not mention Castiel, and the climax is stale. This lights a fire under Chuck. He says he will give Becky danger.

Atomic Monsters

After Becky finishes the revised story, she says Chuck can’t, but Chuck says he did. He’s not sure how he’s going to get to the ending, but Chuck knows where he’s going. Becky thinks the end is too dark. According to Chuck, his last work will is called “The End.” The cover will be a gravestone with the name “Winchesters.” Becky’s husband returns home, and she begs Chuck to leave. Instead, Chuck snaps them away and tells Becky that he is God. Before he snaps Becky away, Chuck says, “Oh, Becky. I can do anything. I’m a writer.”

As the episode ends, Dean concedes that he and Sam have lost way too much. It’s hard for him not to check out. Dean tells Sam that it was Sam that brought him back. Sam reminded Dean that what they do matters. In Dean’s eyes, they still have a job to do. They have to do it for Jack, Mary, and Rowena because they owe it to them.

Sam, though, is not sure that he can move on. He still thinks about Jessica and cannot forget anyone. Sam states that he does not feel free. All he feels is what they’ve lost, and sometimes he can’t even breathe. Meanwhile, Chuck continues to write with a satisfied, smug like on his face. As the episode ends, Chuck says, “Oh yeah! This is going to be good!”


As I said at the start, Atomic Monsters is full of intrigue. Truthfully, Sam and Dean on a hunt was just filler. The stars of this episode were Chuck and Becky. Let’s break this down.

1. First, let’s discuss the beginning of the episode. One part I’ve excluded so far in this recap is Sam’s eyes turning black. My only recollection of this happening to Sam while he is on the demon blood is when he kills Lilith. So, just how in the hell does he get to that point again?! It’s easy to brush it off as a dream, but you can’t. When Castiel tries to heal Sam in episode one, Sam’s vision is what he sees. So, I have a feeling that will come into play again.

2. It was such a joy to see Becky again! That joy turned to sorrow when Chuck uses her still. I know the temptation will be to hate her, but she did not know Chuck is God. She merely is trying to help what she thinks is an old friend. We should pity her.

3. Chuck is the ultimate villain. His lack of social awareness and insecurities makes him so perfectly vengeful. When Becky tells him the story is not good enough, Chuck rewrites the ending to make it more dark and dreadful for Sam and Dean. One question, though, remains, which is the next point.

4. We now know what Castiel sees in episode one is Sam’s vision. Here’s the kicker. Sam has this vision before Chuck rewrites the ending. So, will that vision still come to pass? What makes that uncertain is not knowing the exact timeline of when Chuck visits Becky. For sure, some of the dream is before Chuck visits Becky, which is what Castiel sees. Still, I can’t imagine what Becky reads is much darker than what Sam dreams. Is it? We shall see.

Next week’s episode will be Proverbs 17:3. If it’s anything like Atomic Monsters, we cannot be fooled by the trailer of the episode, which is more hunting with Sam and Dean. After the interactions with Chuck and Becky in Atomic Monsters, I’m dying to continue that angle. What does Chuck have up his sleeve? Hopefully, we will find out next Thursday. Until then, be sure to catch up on Season 15 with Side Spin Media!


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