The Rupture – Supernatural – S15E03


Before its week off, Supernatural returned with The Rupture. As I said in the last recap, this episode would have some surprises in store. Indeed, The Rupture had some surprises in store. defines rupture as “a breach of harmonious, friendly, or peaceful relations.” In its essence, The Rupture represents all three of the adjectives used in the definition. Furthermore, three characters personify each identifier: Ketch, Belphagor, and Rowena.


Firstly, there is Ketch. Ketch represents the word friendly in the definition. He may have started as an enemy, but by the time of The Rupture Ketch is a useful ally for Team Free Will. When the episode begins, Ketch is still in the hospital. When he decides to leave to return to the gang, Ketch comes face-to-face with Ardat. Ardat is the demon who hired Ketch to kill Belphagor.

Naturally, Ardat is unhappy that Ketch has not killed Belphagor. To make matters worse, Ketch is even now working with Belphagor. The encounter with Ardat is short, but not sweet, for Ketch. The demon kills Arthur. Ardat is hell-bent on stopping Belphagor, but we still do not know the exact reason. After killing Ketch, Ardat poses as the assassin to get Sam and Dean to reveal their plan, which leads us to Belphagor.

In The Rupture, Belphagor represents the word peaceful in the definition. I wouldn’t go as far as calling Belphagor an ally, but he does have a peaceful working relationship with Team Free Will. At the beginning of the episode, Rowena attempts to work a spell to fortify the warding that’s keeping the souls locked in. However, Rowena fails. She states that the spirits are just too angry and too many. Belphagor walks outside, and Castiel follows him.

As he stares down into the chasm created by Chuck, Belphagor realizes that it’s not a gate, but it is just a rupture; hence the name of the episode. Also, Belphagor believes that if they can force the souls back to hell and heal the breach, they can resolve the issue. How can they do that? Belphagor has a plan for that, as well. The idea revolves around a character that is long gone.

Back when Lilith quasi-ruled Hell, she had a fail-safe to keep the demons under control. If things got out of hand, Lilith could use her crook to call all the demons topside back to hell. When Chuck snaps open all of the passages and corners of hell, Lilith’s chamber opens as well. Belphagor and Cas decide to go to hell and use the crook to call all the souls back to hell. Meanwhile, Rowena, Sam, and Dean will work in tandem to close the rupture with spell work.

The Rupture

When Cas and Belphagor arrive at Lilith’s chamber, they discover that many other demons have found the room is open. It’s a fire sale, and everything must go! Luckily, the crook is still there. Before Belphagor and Castiel can use the crook, Ardat returns. She then flips the script and reveals the true intentions of Crowley Jr. At least, Ardat tells Cas what she believes Belphagor’s plans are. Like almost all demons, Belphagor wants power.

After working with Belphagor to kill Ardat, Castiel questions the demon posing as Jack about what he truly wants. With the crook in hand, Belphagor reveals that he doesn’t just want to call the souls back to Hell. Instead, he will pull all the souls within himself. Belphagor believes this will make him a god. He then begins the process of using the crook, but Castiel is not having it. In a move that pains him, Castiel kills Belphagor, which derails the plan of Team Free Will and leads us to Rowena.

In The Rupture, Rowena is the word harmonious. She is now one of the Winchester’s most valuable allies and works perfectly with them. When the original plan fails, Rowena reveals to Sam that she has a backup plan. It’s a spell that requires two devastating yet straightforward ingredients. The first ingredient is Rowena’s blood. The second…is her last breath. To complicate the matter further, Rowena insists that Sam is the one that has to kill her. Since she learned from Billie that Sam would kill her, Rowena has accepted her fate. She believes the only way to save the world is for her to sacrifice herself.

The Rupture

After removing her last resurrection hex, Rowena convinces Sam to stab her and gathers the souls into her body. At some point, the souls will escape her body, but that will not matter. With a simple “Bye boys,” Rowena falls into hell, and the rupture closes. Just like that, Rowena, Ketch, and Belphagor are all dead. At this point, one thinks it can’t get worse. Well, you’d be wrong.

As the episode ends, Castiel confronts Dean. He wants to know what Dean has been so short with him. Dean confesses that he’s still not over what happened to Mary and partially blames Castiel. Also, Dean states that something that goes wrong always seems to be Castiel. For Castiel, if Dean cannot forgive him, then there is nothing else to say. Dean has Sam. Jack is dead. Chuck is gone. Castiel feels it’s time for him to move on, and he leaves. End episode.


Only three episodes into Season 15, The Rupture begins what many fans have been dreading. To defeat Chuck, there will be casualties. Some of these losses will be great, but the loss of both Rowena and Ketch in the same episode was sudden. It marks the beginning of the end. Here are my observations from The Rupture.

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1. I don’t know if Rowena is dead for sure. The devil is in the details. Rowena does state that her final breath is the last part of her spell. Yet, when she drops into Hell, she is still alive. If she is still alive, there is still a chance to save her, but it all depends on timing. I still believe that Team Free Will is going to the Cage to retrieve their brother/Michael. Will Rowena’s body still be intact? If so, will she be alive?

2. All along, I knew Belphagor was toying with Sam, Dean, and Castiel. Only once has the Winchesters had a successful relationship with a demon. That was with Crowley. Even then, Crowley tried to kill them and/or backstabbed them several times. It wasn’t a mean of if Belphagor would turn, but when and how. Honestly, I did not expect it to be this early. I enjoyed Alexander Calvert in the role, but Jack will need his body when he returns.

3. Sam and Dean think that they have saved the world. We’re only three episodes into the season. So, we know that more will come. I believe Chuck still has more tricks up his shelve. Will Amara abandoning him, Chuck has to be pissed. So, what will he do next? I cannot wait to find out.

4. The preview of the next episode appears to get back to the basics, which is Sam and Dean hunting alone. Much of the first season is Sam and Dean working alone. We don’t know how long it will last, but it will be nice for the boys to get back to their roots.

The Rupture

5. What will Castiel do next? Logically, the only place he can go now is Heaven, but is that where he will go? Castiel is not exactly Heaven’s favorite angel, but it’s the closest to home that he has if he is leaving the bunker. I think Castiel will go to work figuring out how to get Jack from the Empty. We shall see.

The next episode is named Atomic Monsters. Recap will follow shortly after it airs. See you then!