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“God or no God, you can go to hell!” Dean tells this to Chuck in the season premiere of Season 15 of Supernatural. In Raising Hell, the second episode, Chuck is not going to hell, but hell is still coming to Earth. Again, in Harlan, Kansas, Team Free Will (and Belphagor) struggle to keep the restless town at bay while the warding to keep the ghosts in is fading. They face a new challenger in Raising Hell. Maybe you’ve heard of him. His name is Jack the Ripper.

Last week, we covered the whole episode. This week, we change lanes again and focus on the wealth of returning characters in Raising Hell as we still cover the episode. The cast list this week was a trip down memory lane. We see returns from Rowena (as expected), Ketch, Amara, and Kevin Tran. Each plays a vital role in Raising Hell. We will explore the part of each character. So, let’s get it!

Firstly, there is Rowena. Rowena arrives on the scene in the nick of time. She has an uncanny way of doing this every time they need her. Team Free Will has a plan. That plan is to build a soul bomb similar to the one Rowena creates to defeat Amara. Rowena does not think it’s a good idea, but before the argument can continue, they are interrupted by a town in need. Quickly, the writers treat us to the return of another character.

Secondly, there is Ketch. As a freelance mercenary hunter, Ketch happens to be “in the area” and assists the Winchesters in a meeting with Jack the Ripper. As always, Ketch is useful. He dispatches of the ghost possessing to townspeople with an intuitive iron shell. Also, Ketch reveals that in his freelance work, he is hired to kill Belphagor. So, we get our first clue that Belphagor is indeed a demon. It’s our second. Jack the Ripper confirms the identity of Crowley Jr. as well. Back to Raising Hell.

Raising Hell

Thirdly, there is Amara. While Chuck is Raising Hell, Amara is in Reno being her best self. While getting a massage, Chuck interrupts her leisure time. Chuck and Amara have an agreement to give each other space, but he says he’s just checking in. I don’t think Amara buys this and wants to know why he’s there. It’s a quick scene, but it continues later in the episode.

Finally, there is Kevin Tran. Back in Harlan, Dean and Ketch are patrolling the town when they get a call about trouble. When they arrive at the location, Dean and Ketch search for two hunters but meet a ghost. Once again, in a tight spot, they are saved by none other than Kevin Tran. Not the Multiverse Kevin, but the AP student from Season Seven. Still, why is Kevin there?

Raising Hell
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In Raising Hell, Kevin reveals that Chuck did not send him to Heaven as promised. Chuck sent Kevin to hell, which is where Kevin has been since shortly after he left the bunker. Mr. Tran reveals that the warding is indeed wearing off, and the ghosts know it. Team Free Will have to act fast, or their desire to confine the rising souls from hell will fail.

Back in Reno, Chuck is still a thorn in Amara’s side. He states, “Why not use the time to deepen what we have? Why not drop by another dimension? Check it out.” While Chuck has a master plan of starting a new species, a family project he calls it, but Amara sees right through him again. She realizes that Chuck needs her. Amara sees that Chuck is not at full strength.

When examining his shoulder, Chuck reveals two things. First, Chuck is wounded. We know that Sam shot him with the Equalizer, but Chuck left so fast that we didn’t see how it affected him. Second, Sam and Chuck share pain from the wound of the Equalizer. When Chuck touches the wound, Sam feels it. Sam may say he’s fine, but Dean is not buying it. Once more, we have something to keep an eye on as the season progresses.

Back in Harlan again, Rowena continues to work on the soul bomb when Dean calls her. On her way to town, Rowena runs into Jack the Ripper. In a shock to no one, she knows Jack the Ripper. Mr. Ripper wants to talk to Sam and Dean. While saving Rowena, Jack the Ripper bests Ketch. Then, Sam and Dean go to meet Jack the Ripper. He says eliminate the warding, or he will devour Kevin. Rowena and Castiel arrive with the crystal for the soul bomb and save Kevin by collecting ghosts.

Raising Hell

Kevin informs Team Free Will that the ghosts plan to attack the warding at its weakest point to destroy it. Team Free Will then goes to that point, and Rowena uses her soul sucker to continue to devour ghosts. Ketch arrives, but Jack the Ripper is possessing him. He steals the crystal, but Dean shoots Ketch the Ripper and steals the crystal right back. Jack the Ripper is gone.

Earlier, we learn from Crowley Jr. that Kevin cannot go to Heaven as planned. Chuck made an exception for John Winchester and Bobby Singer. Belphagor states that once a soul is in Hell, it cannot go to Heaven. “Them the rules.” A spot in the warding in Harlan lifts, and Kevin leaves. He’d rather become an angry ghost than go back to Hell. I can’t say I blame him for that one.

In Reno again, Amara is leaving, and Chuck wants to go with her. Still, Amara does not have it. She says she can coexist with Chuck but only in the same universe. Chuck cannot leave the world without her, and Amara knows it. So, Amara turns the tables on Chuck and has him trapped like he once trapped her. Back in Harlan, as the episode ends, Team Free Will discovers that they still have a ghost problem.


Raising Hell is another excellent episode. The writers are building this impending sense of doom, as evidenced by the sight of hopeless that Dean portrays. Unlike the apocalypse of Season Five, this really could be the end for Sam and Dean. With Chuck raising hell, this is the most demanding task Team Free Will has come across. Now, let’s point out some items of interest:

1. Sam may be the key to defeating Chuck. I predicted that Dean would lose his life in the battle to end Chuck, but it might be Sam. The connection that he has with Chuck from the wound of the Equalizer is essential. We don’t know how crucial it is, but I have a feeling we will find out.

Raising Hell

2. What’s going on with Rowena and Ketch? Lost in the shuffle in all that goes on within the episode, there is some evident sexual tension between the two. It may be a throwaway plotline, but we cannot forget Rowena is the world’s most powerful witch, and Ketch is the world’s most deadly assassin. Could they turn on Team Free Will? I don’t know, but it’s something to watch.

3. Now, we can eliminate any theories that Belphagor is Michael. There is confirmation from Kevin, Jack the Ripper, and Ketch that Belphagor is indeed the demon from Hell. Still, the intentions of Belphagor are unclear. He’s helping Team Free Will at the moment, but I am uneasy about him. Alex Calvert plays the role flawlessly, but when is Jack returning? We all know that he will be.

4. Amara continues to be the wild card. Right now, she seems willing to leave Chuck to be alone. Still, Amara knows that if Chuck is gone, she will be too. So, when the world turns against Chuck, which is the direction it seems to be going, where will she stand?

Next week, The Rupture follows Raising Hell. From the sneak peek, I think we are in for some heartbreak, family. I will leave it at that. What did you think of the episode? Let us know on Twitter. See you next week!


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