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Welcome back, Supernatural family! The solemn, yet joyous, occasion is finally here. The season premiere of Season 15 of Supernatural was last night. Indeed, much like the season finale of Season 14, the season premiere did not disappoint. Per expectations, the action picks up right where Season 14 left off. So, instead of in-depth analysis, this week, we will cover the high points of the season premiere. So, let’s get it!

Initially, Sam, Dean, and Castiel attempt to take on all the monsters. Realizing that they cannot win, though, they retreat into a mausoleum. While discussing what is going on, Jack pops up. Only, it’s not Jack. It is actually a demon who’s name is Belphagor. According to Belphagor, he’s not a noteworthy demon. He contends that he only is a pencil pusher. For now, Team Free Will has no choice but to believe him.

Season 15

For a pencil pusher, though, Belphagor has skills. Working a spell using graveyard dirt and the blood of an angel (Castiel’s), this new demon works a spell that blasts the souls out of all the nearby monsters. Also, Belphagor confirms the beliefs of the Winchesters. When Chuck snaps his fingers in the episode before the season premiere, he blasts all the doors of Hell open. Belphagor states that this sends about 2-3 billion souls from Hell topside. Indeed, this will be trouble, and the next couple of scenes confirms this trouble.

Season 15

Firstly, the season premiere cuts to two young girls in a bedroom. While doing whatever young girls do, Bloody Mary from Season 1 visits them. Bloody Mary is one of the first souls Sam and Dean return to Hell. Secondly, while driving to the nearby town, Team Free Will finds an abandoned car. The car shows all the hallmarks of a case of a Woman in White. Again, another soul that Sam and Dean return to Hell back in season one. Lastly, we learn that John Wayne Gacy is back too. Sam is not going to be happy about this because he and Dean return him to Hell just last season. So, Chuck has undone all of the work of Sam and Dean.

When they arrive in town, Sam and Castiel work on evacuating the city, so Belphagor can work another spell to trap the spirits inside. Castiel stumbles into the deaths that Bloody Mary completes. Naturally, Sam runs into John Wayne Gacy. Unfortunately for Sam, Gacy is still hot on the trail of his victims. John Wayne gets the best of Sam, but Castiel is there to save him. Still, Sam sustains an injury in the process. Castiels heals that wound but is unable to heal the wound caused by the Equalizer. The Equalizer wound puts out an energy Cas has never felt before.

Meanwhile, Dean and Belphagor gather the items to work the new spell. It’s a short list. They only need rock salt and a human heart. Yes, it’s a short list, but it’s a deadly one as well. Dean and Crowley Jr. (that’s what Dean coins Belphagor) then hear a scream, which turns out to be the town Sheriff. The Woman in White kills him, which provides the heart needed for the spell. At this point, all hell breaks loose, and that’s not a figure statement.

Season 15

Sam and Castiel faceoff against John Wayne Gacy, Lizzie Borden, and Bloody Mary while Dean and Belphagor work the spell. When the spell completes, Team Free Will and Crowley Jr. are still within the boundaries of the spell. All are able to escape and make it to the high school where the town is gathering. Before moving forward, it’s important to note that we do find out a little more about Belphagor when he and Dean are alone. Belphagor states he remembers Dean from Dean’s torture days in hell. I think this is something to keep an eye on moving forward.

In the end, Castiel struggles to both accept the death of Jack and that Crowley Jr. is using Jack’s meat suit in the season premiere. Dean asks Cas if he’s okay, but doesn’t give Castiel time to explain. I believe there is something to that as well. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean discuss what Chuck meant by “This is the end.” Dean thinks that they have been rats in a maze the entire time. Sam, though, feels that it all still means something; all the people they saved. Also, Sam thinks that Chuck pulled the ripcord and left.

Now, it’s just Team Free Will against all of Hell, and they like their odds. The show pays homage in the season premiere ending to the ending of the series premiere. As Sam and Dean stand in front of the open trunk of Baby, Sam states, “We got work to do,” as he closes the trunk. There is then a flashback to this happening in the series premiere. It was the perfect ending to a stellar episode.

Season 15


I feel the episode was phenomenal. The writers seamlessly moved from the Season 14 finale to the season premiere of Season 15. Season 14 ends on a high note and Season 15 starts on a high note. There are a few things, though, that I think we should keep in mind:

1. Sam believes that Chuck is done with their world, but I disagree. The malice in Chuck’s eyes at the end of Season 14 is undeniable. Chuck has more in store for them.

2. Belphagor is misleading Team Free Will. Indeed, in the Supernatural universe, he is one of Hell’s torturers. Still, in traditional mythology, Belphagor is a lieutenant of Hell. Some legends even state that he is one of the Princes of Hell. Right now, Belphagor’s intentions are not clear, but Team Free Will needs to be careful with him.

3. Crowley Jr. states that Lucifer’s cage in Hell opened with the rest of the gates of Hell. Michael, according to Belphagor, remains in the cage. When Dean hears this, you can see the wheels turning in his head. Maybe Adam/Michael will return via a rescue mission from his brothers.

4. Sam’s wound from the Equalizer is severe. Castiel cannot heal it, but it’s what happens when he tries to remedy that’s important. When Cas tries to clean the wound, he sees a vision of Sam where Sam appears to have demon eyes. Is this related to the work undone by Chuck? We will have to wait and find out.

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Next week, the episode is Raising Hell. Per the synopsis of the episode, Rowena returns in his episode. Her role is unclear, but it is a delight to see her again. What did you think of the episode? Let us know on Twitter and check in next week for the next recap.


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