Top Five Characters: Supernatural Review


Hello, Supernatural family! Today, we are at the end of the top five series. So far, the lists include the top five frenemies, villains, allies, and misunderstood/underrated characters. Now, we arrive at the finale of the series. To top this off, we will discuss the top five characters of the series. Indeed, you can except the Winchesters boys will be here, but where will they land? All characters are fair game. Villains, frenemies, allies, and misunderstood characters may make an appearance. So, let’s get it! The top five characters of Supernatural!

Honorable Mentions

Firstly, we have some items to address. To stick to the format, we will be only discussing the top five characters in detail. Still, we have to show some other people some love. They are not in this top five, but they are still in all of our hearts. Without further ado, here are the honorable mentions:

The Ghostfacers
Kevin Tran
Jack Kline

5. Bobby Singer

Where would Sam and Dean be without Bobby Singer? I do not go as far as saying Bobby is the father they never had, but he was the father Sam and Dean needed when John died. Few characters know more about lore than Mr. Singer. Whether it was a solemn moment or when Crowley asks Bobby why he had to use his tongue, Bobby’s presence is calming. There is only one time when Bobby thought of himself, which is when he went to get his soul back. That’s all you need to know about Bobby.

Top Five Characters

Bobby is forced to witness many pass away before he did. Until his dying breath, Bobby was there to help Sam and Dean. Also, he was there to call them idjits until his dying breath. Yes, Sam and Dean need Bobby. For this reason, Bobby Singer is one of the top five characters of Supernatural. Some may think it’s balls that he’s number five, but I think it’s the perfect spot for him.

4. Sam Winchester

Now, this one here is sure to cause some controversy. Before everyone sends me hate mail, there are certain things to keep in mind. While Sam and Dean are the main characters of the series, the show is about much more than them. Besides, he is still in the top five. Petty is excluding him from the top five, but I will not let my bias get the best of me. Let’s move on!

Top Five Characters

Sam is one of the most complex characters of the series. Depending on the season, he either loves hunting, or he wants to be his own man. In fairness, Sam did face more tragedy than most other characters of the series. His mom died before he was a year old, his girlfriend fried on the ceiling, and he had to witness his brother die countless times. For an average person, any of those events is enough to make them crazy. Still, Sam made it through all of that.

If I have a complaint about Sam, it’s his self-righteousness. Dean is a little thick-headed, but he has an easier time admitting to being wrong than Sam. In the later seasons, Sam did mellow out quite a bit, but his self-righteousness in the early seasons still lives in the corner of my brain. At the end of the day, though, Sam still deserves his spot as one of the top five characters of Supernatural; even with his beard and floppy hair.

3. Crowley

As far as catchphrases in Supernatural, few are better than Crowley’s “Hello, boys.” When SPN fans hear this in the show, they know that it’s about to go down. Of all the kings of hell, Crowley reigns supreme. Everything about Crowley is unexpected and complicated. For instance, take the reason Crowley is a demon. He sells his soul for a few extra inches…umm…for himself. Who does that? Crowley, that’s who does that.

Crowley is equally at his best as a pure villain and as an ally of Sam and Dean. As a villain, he drives Sam and Dean bonkers. So much so, that even when the Winchesters had no choice but to work with Crowley, they would always say, “This don’t make us square.” By the end, Crowley finishes the sentence for them. As an ally, Crowley gives his life for the Winchesters. He says it’s because his score to settle with Lucifer, but that’s not the whole story. He has a strong relationship with Dean.

Top Five Characters

Some of the best moments of the series are when Dean and Crowley are together. Their back-and-forth is priceless! While not as much as Dean, Crowley cares for Sam and Castiel as well. One of his most memorable moments is when Crowley exclaims, “I deserve to be loved!” Well, Fergus, you are loved. You’re a top five character of Supernatural.

2. Castiel

“If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, when does he keep slapping her rear?” How do you best describe Castiel? In the beginning, he is cold, calculating, and non-commital. As he says when we first met him, he’s an angel of the Lord. However, Castiel does not stay this one-dimensional robot. Even in season four, Castiel grows before our very eyes into this beautiful little man-child.

Top Five Characters

Like Bobby, Castiel is a valuable asset to the Winchesters. No, he’s more than that. Castiel is family. Only Sam fights with Castiel more than Dean. Dean only respects Sam more than Castiel. Their relationship stems from the bond they share surrounding their absent fathers. Unlike Sam and Dean, though, Castiel never gets a resolution with his father. Also, unfortunately for Castiel, his father is God.

We don’t know when we will see the last of Castiel. Since his creation, he works tirelessly to make the world a better place. In season 14, he sacrifices himself for Jack Kline. Still, the Empty will only take him when Castiel allows himself to be happy. Sadly, I don’t think Castiel will ever let that happen. Castiel’s position in the top five characters of Supernatural will always be there.

1. Dean Winchester

Come on! Who else could it be? It is always Dean. There are Sam girls, and there are Dean girls. I say let them squabble. When it comes to the best, the coup de grace, it’s always Dean. No one in the entire series sacrifices more than Dean. He sells his soul for his brother. Then, he is willing to let Michael wear him to the prom to save the world. Next, he takes on the Mark of Cain to defeat Abbadon. Last, Dean does allow Michael to wear him to the prom to defeat Lucifer.

Even though Dean saves the world on numerous occasions, he does it all for his family. No one cares more about family than Dean. It’s why he still respects his father, John. Right, Dean wishes he had a better upbringing, but it does not take away from his love for his father and helps him to see things more clearly. Also, because Dean loves his family so much, he forgives his mother, Mary, for mistakes she’s made in the past. Why? Because she did them for her family.

Top Five Characters

As a hunter, Dean is the best. No other hunter has better pure instinct than Dean does. Though a serious character, Dean is also hilarious. Can anyone say, “Pudding!”? There is nothing Dean will not do for the people he cares about. So, if you’re not family, his Baby, or pie, then Dean is not the one you want to cross. So, everyone raise your glass. Let’s give a big cheer to Dean Winchester. The top of the top five characters of Supernatural.

Now, we are at the end of the top five series for Supernatural. All that remains is the Season 15 preview. Stay close to Twitter and our website. It will be coming soon! Until then, carry on my wayward sons (and daughters)!