Season 15: Supernatural Preview


Tomorrow, Thursday, October 10th, is the day. It’s the day the final season of Supernatural begins — season 15 marks both a happy and sad occasion for the series. While fans cannot wait to see what happens after Moriah, fans also wish the show was not ending. Still, all good things eventually come to an end. Supernatural has the rare opportunity to go out popular and on top. With that in mind, we now look forward to Season 15!

Season 14 Finale Recap

One thing the writers of Supernatural excel at is cliffhangers. Man, Moriah was an absolute cliffhanger. In the previous episode, Jack frees himself from the Ma’lak box, and he is not happy. While Jack is off ridding the world of lies, Chuck appears to Castiel. Team Free Will and Chuck then head to the bunker to discuss what to do about Jack. Things are so bad now that Chuck himself feels the need to step in.

Season 15

After Chuck fixes Jack’s no lying problem, Chuck reveals that he is not sure what else Jack can do. Someone needs to stop Jack. Out of nowhere, Chuck creates a gun that will kill Jack. He, of course, cannot be the one to do it. According to Chuck, if he dies, then all of the existence goes along with him. Now, Team Free Will is in a pickle about what to do with Jack.

Castiel does not believe that Jack needs to die. He is adamant that this is another way. Dean, however, now sees Jack as just another monster that needs to be killed. Sam, on the other hand, is not on board with the idea of Dean killing Jack. For Dean to kill Jack, he has to sacrifice himself in the process. Sam, refresh off of losing Mary, is not ready to lose Dean. Castiel goes off to find Jack. Sam and Dean stay to continue to talk to Chuck.

Chuck admits to Sam that Sam and Dean of this universe are his favorite pair of the two in all the multiverse. Chuck likes them because “they’re interesting.” Sam now figures that Chuck is always watching. Still, Chuck leaves Sam and Dean to fix everything. It is then that Chuck admits that he fears Jack. Meanwhile, Castiel finds Jack in the cemetery and tells him to run, but Jack is tired of running.

When Sam and Dean arrive at the cemetery, Jack throws Cas aside, kneels in front of Dean, accepts his fate as a monster, and waits for Dean to shoot. Then, Chuck arrives to enjoy the show. His show, though, is ruined when Dean lowers the gun and tosses it aside. Chuck tries to bribe Dean by saying he will bring Mary back again. Dean and Sam feel Mary is finally at peace. So, Dean still refuses. Why doesn’t Chuck snap his fingers and kill Jack?

Season 15

Sam asks Chuck, “When does it end?” Dean, fed up with Chuck manipulating their lives, says, “So God or no God, you can go to Hell.” Chuck only laughs. Then, he snaps his fingers, and Jack burns out and dies. Sam takes the gun and shoots Chuck, which does not kill Chuck. It only pisses him off. Chuck says, “Fine, that’s the way you want it? Story’s over. Welcome to the end.” With a snap of the finger, souls escape from hell, and the dead come to life. John Wayne Gacy, the Woman in White, and Bloody Mary all return. Every evil thing is closing in on Sam, Dean, and Castiel. End scene.

Season 15

Season 15 Predictions

As I said, Supernatural knows how to do cliffhangers. The Season 14 cliffhanger packs a wallop and sets up Season 15 perfectly. Firstly, let’s discuss what we do know heading into Season 15.

“Swan Song” – Jake Abel as Adam Milligan, Jensen Ackles as Dean in SUPERNATURAL on The CW.
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1. Many characters will return in Season 15. Personally, my favorite of this list is Adam Milligan. Adam is the long, lost half-brother of Sam and Dean, who has been in the cage for eight full seasons now. Also, Rowena and Eileen Leahy are set to return. Lastly, a mostly confirmed return is that of Amara. It is uncertain if she will be with or against Chuck in this upcoming fight.

2. Another thing that we know is the title of the first three episodes. They are Back and to the Future, Raising Hell, and The Rupture. I believe Rowena reappears in episode two of Season 15, but I will have to check my sources on that.

3. Jensen Ackles, at least, knows the planned ending. That ending may or may not change, but Jensen said it was hard to digest initially. He’s come around now, and he believes the conclusion hits the right notes.

Secondly, and lastly, we now give our predictions as to what will happen in Season 15. They are as follows:

1. Adam/Michael will return to oppose Chuck. Of all of the archangels, Michael is the most loyal. For eight seasons now, no one seems to care what happened to Michael and Adam. I believe Michael realizes that he is also a pawn in his father’s game and joins Team Free Will. How active Michael is will be a question mark. All the time in the cage cannot be suitable for him.

2. Along with Michael, I believe the other archangels will return to face their father in Season 15. At the end of Season 14, Jack goes to the Empty (as all Angels do) and finds Death there with the Shadow. All Billie says is that they need to talk. The Shadow seems happy about this. So, it makes one wonder what they are scheming. Indeed, it seems Jack will return as well.

Season 15

3. Season 15 will be a returning character compilation. There are only a few confirmed returns, but I would find it hard to believe that the writers will not make the fans happy. Making the fans happy means returning as many characters as they can. Sadly, this will not include Crowley. Mark Sheppard did not exactly leave the show on good terms. For me, his return is doubtful.

4. Now, let us discuss the big prediction. How will the show end? Many fans think that Sam and Dean will have a happy ending, but I do not. I neither believe they will have a happy ending nor do I want them to. I am a realist, and the realist in me says Sam and Dean die. In the effort to eliminate Chuck, Sam and Dean will both die. In the end, Jack will replace Chuck. Amara will be sad to lose her brother, but she will allow it for the greater good. Castiel will then take over as the universe’s best hunter. He will never be taken by the Empty because he will never be happy with Sam and Dean dead.

Alright, we are now ready for Season 15. Well, we are not truly prepared, but we will get through this together. See you later this week as we recap episode one!