Top 5 Misunderstood/Underrated: Supernatural Review


It’s the final countdown! As of today, we are officially seven days away from the last season of Supernatural. Have you wrapped your head that yet? Because I do not think that I have thoroughly. Still, the song remains the same. We here at Side Spin Media will continue to look back on the good times. We do this in our top 5 series. Today, we look back on the top 5 misunderstood/underrated characters.

This is a select group. They’re not bad characters, but they don’t fit in the top 5 of any of the other lists. They either are overlooked because of more prominent personalities, or they get a bad rep because people judge a book by its cover. Indeed, these are the characters whose legend goes unappreciated, but the story would not be the same without them. The top 5 misunderstood and underrated characters of Supernatural. Let’s get it!

5. Ash – Seasons 2 and 5

Top 5 Misunderstood

Ash’s life was much like his mullet. In front of his life, it was all business. Ash went to MIT and was a computer expert. Ash, though, didn’t finish MIT. He was thrown out for fighting. Still, I don’t think they ever really said what that means. In the back of his life, Ash was all party. The man that passes out drunk on the pool table at the Roadhouse. Ash may not have seemed that important, but that’s what makes him one of the top 5 misunderstood/underrated characters of Supernatural.

In season 2, he assists Sam and Dean with finding the demon that killed their mom. In doing so, Ash lost his life. For many, it was way too soon for ash, but it wouldn’t be the last time we see him. In season 5, Ash guides Sam and Dean through the multiverse of Heaven. Sadly, he learns of the death of Ellen and Jo then, but he saves Sam and Dean’s ass yet again. God Bless, Ash! Sam and Dean owe him a lot.

4. Kevin Tran – Seasons 7-11

Top 5 Misunderstood

Kevin Trans is the prophet, also known as Kevin Freaking Solo. He is the prophet that replaces Chuck. With Kevin, his screen time is feast or famine, which easily explains how he is one of the top 5 misunderstood/underrated characters. To some, it does not seem as if Kevin is underrated. You have to stop and think about what Kevin did for Sam and Dean to see his value.

Firstly, Kevin was a prophet. He could read the ancient tablets that Chuck dictates to Metatron. This alone is huge! Closing the gates of hell, the demon bombs, and killing hellhounds. Sam and Dean know this, thanks to Kevin. Secondly, Kevin serves as de facto Bobby for Sam and Dean. This is where the moniker Kevin Solo enters. Whether from the tablet or the Men of Letters archives, Kevin was there when Sam and Dean needed him. Kevin Tran is a top 5 misunderstood/underrated character of Supernatural.

3. Gadreel – Season 9

Top 5 Misunderstood

Gadreel’s time in Supernatural is swift, but it is also impactful. To this day, Gadreel falls under the category of a villain, but I don’t see him this way. Well, I don’t see him this way entirely. Yes, he works with Metatron in the scheme to remake Heaven, but Gadreeel is more than that. At his core, Gadreel is a lost Angel, which makes him no different than Castiel from earlier seasons. Still, there’s more to him than that.

Much like Cas, Gadreel cares about humanity. It may not always seem that way, but it’s how he ends up in Heaven’s toughest prison. When Gadreel lets Lucifer into the Garden of Eden, he believes it’s best for humanity. The same goes for when he decides to help Metatron. Yes, there is selfishness in seeking to redeem himself, but he still wants to help. Finally, he switches to Cas’ team and sacrifices himself for the greater good. Of course, he does not deserve a statue, but Gadreel’s judgment is often too harsh. Because of this, he is a top 5 misunderstood/underrated Supernatural character.

2. Bela Talbot – Season 3

Top 5 Misunderstood

When it comes to characters that are just flat out misunderstood, Bela Talbot reigns supreme. To this day, it surprises me that in a series with such complex characters and stories as Supernatural that Bela Talbot still gets the stink eye. Without question, she is a top 5 misunderstood/underrated character. Also, it’s shocking to me that a story so simple as Bela’s is so misunderstood. It all starts and ends with her soul.

As a teenager, a desperate Bela Talbot sells her soul to a demon to escape her abusive parents. When she meets Sam and Dean, Bela is in the process of trying to find a way to buy back her soul. Ironically, in this same timeframe, Dean is doing the same. Because she crosses Sam and Dean at times, she is a villain to most. Sam and Dean do the same to so many others. I’ll never convince the majority that Bela is misunderstood, but she lands on this list as a top 5 misunderstood/underrated character.

1. John and Mary Winchester

Top 5 Miunderstood

Hands down, John and Mary top the list of top 5 misunderstood/underrated Supernatural characters because they are both misunderstood and underrated. To understand John and Mary, you don’t have to read between the lines, but SPN fans either don’t care to understand, or they don’t care. It doesn’t make sense to me, but let me explain the complexities of John and Mary Winchester.

First, we’ll start with John. From the beginning, the fandom sees John as this horrible, absent father that’s borderline abusive to Sam and Dean. In fairness, that’s how the writers of the show portray John. Still, as the series progresses, we can see the real intent of John. He wants the best for his boys and to get revenge for his wife. The nexus to understanding both John and Mary lies within My Bloody Valentine, which is Season 5 – Episode 16.

In this episode, cupid details the efforts of Heaven for John and Mary to be together. In the episode before that, we see these efforts as Sam and Dean travel back to the past to warn John and Mary only to have their memories erased. Finally, there is the episode As Time Goes By, which is Season 8 – Episode 12. In this episode, we learn why John’s father Henry left and never returns. Henry dies in the future, helping his grandson’s trap the Knight of Hell Abbadon. Everything about John’s life was a tragedy, and he did the best he could with that tragedy.

Then there’s Mary. In Season 4, we learn that Mary’s death is due to the demon deal she made with Azazel. On the surface, this seems selfish, but it’s anything but selfish. Azazel kills Mary’s father and her mother. All that she has left is John. Mary does what she has to do to save him. Mary’s downfall is that she forgets that her deal with Azazel allows him to visit Sam, and Mary cannot interrupt. That’s why Mary dies. She forgets this one detail from her lifetime of heartache. Now, fast forward to the end of season 11.

Amara raises Mary from the dead. It’s important to remember that Mary did not ask for this. Still, she is in a world where her husband is dead.  Also, her sons are now grown, men. Admittedly, Mary makes some missteps with the Men of Letters, but she is doing what she thinks is best to protect her sons. In the end, she only wants to protect them from the evil she grows up with. She is indifferent to Sam and Dean because she is a stranger in a strange world.

There is one factor that explains John and Mary Winchester: Destiny. Sam and Dean, as the leaders of Team Free Will, may laugh in the face of destiny, but John and Mary do not have that luxury. Sam and Dean have that luxury because of John and Mary. Everything that happens to John and Mary in the past is what sets up Sam and Dean’s future. The boys are who they are because of John and Mary. Never forget that, and they are at the top of this top 5 list because of their sacrifices.

That’s all we have for today. Top 5 Characters is the next list. There will be new characters and old on this list. Also, we will preview season 15 before next Thursday. Don’t miss it!