Top Five Allies: Supernatural Review


Welcome back to the top five series! We are now 13 days away from the beginning of the end, which is Season 15 of Supernatural. Indeed, the closer it gets, the tougher it gets to comprehend. As far as we know, it will be the end of SPN as we know it. So, here at Side Spin Media, we will continue to focus on the good times, which includes this article. The top five allies of Supernatural.

Now, this one should be pretty self-explanatory. We’ve covered the frenemies and villains. So, allies are the last that we will cover; at least of that line of thinking. Don’t worry because will still have a couple of things up our sleeve. Onto the matter at hand. Of course, allies are allies. They’ve never intentionally tried to harm Sam and Dean. Naming the best ally of the top five allies of SPN is debatable, but let’s give it a try.

5. Rufus Turner – Seasons 3-6

Certainly, Rufus was not someone who got a lot of screentime. Still, Mr. Turner was unforgettable. First and foremost, Rufus was no-nonsense. If you demand respect from Sam, Dean, and Bobby, then you’re doing something right. Much like most other hunters, Rufus is no stranger to tragedy. Though he and Bobby have a rocky past, Rufus came out of retirement when he knew his services were needed.

Top Five Allies

In regards to Rufus’ and Bobby’s past, their falling out happens in Omaha. All we know is that Bobby makes a grave mistake and someone very close to Rufus dies as a result. In Rufus’ last episode alive, Bobby tries to apologize but it’s obvious that it’s still too raw for Rufus. Rufus would go onto die in that episode and Bobby would never get to formally apologize. Still, Rufus Turner aka Luther Vandross aka Ruben Stoddard deserves a spot in the top five allies of Supernatural.

4. Ellen and Jo Harvelle – Seasons 2-5

The story of Ellen and Jo is one of the saddest of the Supernatural series. While it is a story that embodies strength, it also embodies death. Much like Sam and Dean, Ellen and Jo experience the death of a family member early in their lives. The person they lost was Ellen’s husband and Jo’s father. Still, that is only the tip of the iceberg. When Sam and Dean meet the Harvelle’s for the first time, they have no idea that they existed, which there is a reason for that.

Top Five Allies

While we never know the exact cause, John was with the Harvelle’s loved one on the hunt the gets him killed. According to Ellen, though, it was John that breaks off the relationship. This is something that John does often. Yet, the Harvelle’s and the Winchesters can overcome their differences because “family don’t end with blood”.

Ellen and Jo end up making the ultimate sacrifice for Sam and Dean. In a mission to kill the devil, Jo is gravely injured. The group decides to set a trap for hellhounds where Jo can sacrifice herself. Ellen decides to stay with her. The Harvelle’s take out the hellhounds (and themselves in the process) for Sam and Dean to escape. Even if this was their only moment in the show, this would be enough for them to make the top five allies of Supernatural. Fortunately, we had the pleasure of seeing them more. Now that it’s dusty in here, let’s move on.

3. Garth Fitzgerald IV – Seasons 7-14

Without question, Garth is the most eccentric of the top five allies of Supernatural. What do we know about Garth? Firstly, Garth got into hunting when he killed the Tooth Fairy. I always wondered when they would say that’s a joke but they haven’t. Secondly, Garth is a lightweight. He slammed a single beer once and was wasted. Lastly, Garth was a dentist. As I said, Garth is the most eccentric of the top five allies, but that does not mean he does not deserve his spot.

Top Five Allies

Dean meets Garth on a hunt during a period in which Dean and Sam are fighting. He’s clumsy. He’s often inattentive but Garth is adorable and valuable. Most importantly, after the death of Bobby, Sam left hunting and Dean was in purgatory. Garth was the one step up and be the man with no Bobby, Sam, or Dean around. He went MIA for a while but it turns out it’s because he was turned into a werewolf. Even in this last season, Garth put everything on the line for the Winchesters. Were it not for these next two top five allies, Garth would be number one.

2. Bobby Singer – Seasons 1-14

Let the arguments begin! Certainly, you know who is number one if Bobby Singer is number two. Really the next two are 1A and 1B but someone had to be number two for this to be a top five. It’s not a knock on Bobby. Why Bobby is one of the top five allies of Supernatural is clear to all SPN fans. Some even go as far as saying Bobby was the father Sam and Dean deserve. I do not go that far, which is a hint of the subject of the next of the top five series.

Top Five Allies

Yet, with Mary long gone and John recently dead, Bobby did take over as the de facto patriarch. When Sam and Dean needed advice, Bobby was the first they turned to. Truthfully, Sam and Dean often take advantage of Bobby but he still loves them unconditionally. In all likelihood, this is probably because Bobby sees Sam and Dean as the children he was never able to have.

A similar story, Bobby got into hunting when he had to kill his wife. Coincidentally, it’s also how he meets Rufus but that’s beside the point. Because Bobby’s wife died, he never got to have children. Even from their childhood, Bobby took looking after Sam and Dean as a sacred responsibility. Neither death nor the multiverse could keep Bobby from being there for Sam and Dean. Without question, he is one of the top five allies of Supernatural.

1. Castiel – Seasons 4-14

The one that gripped Dean tight and raised hell from perdition. In the beginning, Cass was just an associate. As the series went on, though, Cass would become family. While it is true that his relationship with Dean is stronger, Castiel still cares deeply for Sam. Castiel is flawed in many ways but it’s his weaknesses that make him Castiel. Arguably, from his fall from Heaven to his failed stint as Chuck to his time as the vessel of Lucifer, no one has given up more than Cass.

Top Five Allies

One thing is certain: Castiel always does what he feels is right. Often, he and his intuition are flat out wrong. Still, Castiel’s heart is almost always in the right place. Originally a skeptic of Sam and Dean, Cass learns just how strong they truly are. Castiel will go to hell and back from Sam and Dean. In many ways, Cass is a child. When Chuck leaves, he was left without a father, which is the same predicament as Sam and Dean.

Furthermore, Castiel suffers from what he believes to be a disappointing father; also like Sam and Dean. This would become part of the bond that Cass, Sam, and Dean share. At the end of the day, they’re brothers. They’ve all died for one another. Also, they fight like brothers. Through all the disagreements, they have each other’s backs. Why? Because family don’t end with blood.

That’s all we have for today. Be sure to check out the previous of the top five series. We have two more to go before we preview Season 15. The next two you don’t want to miss. Let us know what you think on Twitter!