Top Five Villains: Supernatural


Well, hello there! As of today, we are now 19 days away from the beginning of the end. Season 15 of the great show Supernatural. So, now is where the fun begins. Here at Side Spin Media, we will pick up our Supernatural coverage in earnest. Firstly, in the background, we are rewatching Season 14. Before Season 15 begins, we will review Season 14 and preview Season 15. Secondly, we will continue our top five series. Starting with this article: top five villains.

If you recall the last of the top five series, this requires some qualifiers. First off, one may expect to see some of the frenemies here. You will not. Frenemies are strictly frenemies. We’re talking true Supernatural villains. Villains that have either never helped Sam and Dean or helping them was purely out of self-interest. For some, this would sadly narrow the list to a few. For me, this is my perfect list. So, let’s get at it! The Top Five Villains of Supernatural.

5. Lilith – Seasons 3-4

Top Five Villains

One of the few with white-eyes. Certainly, there have been more powerful enemies. Also, there have been enemies that have lasted longer. Lilith was special though. Her appearances were few but she always left her mark. Whether it was the sweet little girl that ate babies or the comely dental hygienist hell-bent on freeing Lucifer, Lilith holds her own as one of the top five villains.

Firstly, she was pure. Pure as in she and one other demon that we know of for sure were among the first demons. Because of her, Lucifer was put in the cage. Secondly, she was downright badass. While on the screen, she commanded your attention. She taunted Sam to no end; even to the point of her own death. Lilith earns her spot.

4. Dick Roman – Season 7

Top Five Villains

Do you know the sign of a good villain? A true villain? Everyone hates them. Throughout all of Supernatural, it’s hard to find someone that SPN fans hate more than Dick Roman. The head honcho of the flesh-eating Leviathan. As one of the top five villains of Supernatural, none are more businesslike than Dick. Furthermore, none were more of a dick than Dick. As a villain, he was a businessman. As head of the Leviathans, Dick was all about business, man.

Cass let him in. Dean and Cass sent him home. If he had his way, though, Dick would have made the United States his personal feeding ground. Yet, he wasn’t all that bad because he was nice enough to offer Canada to Crowley. SPN fans will never forget that grotesque, whole-head mouth. Those eight million teeth. In the end, he was hungry and that was Dick’s downfall.

3. Azazel – Seasons 1-2

Top Five Villains

The original villain. The first thorn in the side of the Winchesters. The one with the yellow-eyes. Certainly, Azazel makes the list as one of the top five villains of Supernatural. Even before Sam and Dean were true players, ole yellow-eyes put the plan in the works for Lucifer to wear Sam to the prom. Unfortunately for Azazel, he would not live to see the day that Lucifer walked the Earth. He has Sam and Dean to thank for that.

Still, Yellow-Eyes was calculating. Later, we would learn that he was one of the powerful Princes of Hell, but he was our favorite…in a sick sort of way. Outside of Meg and Lilith, Azazel was probably Lucifer’s most loyal servant. What he did to those poor nuns just to speak to his father was proof of that. Bad to the bone, Azazel is one of the best villains.

2. Metatron – Seasons 8-11

Top Five Villains

I know that Metatron was in no way a play off of Booger from Revenge of the Nerds. Yet, Metatron was the nerdiest of the top five villains of Supernatural. Indeed, Metatron and Booger are played by the same actor. So, it goes without saying, but the characters are eerily similar. He wasn’t the first to try and play Chuck but he was one of the best. Also, Metatron was one of the funniest.

The Scribe of Chuck, Metatron was hungry for power. Powered up by the Angel tablet, he was powerful as well. Even when his grace was taken away from him, Metatron always had a scheme. To his dying breath, his schemes never worked. Metatron knew all the stories the world had to offer, but he never improved his own. He did, though, leave a legacy as one of the top five villains of Supernatural.

1. Alastair – Season 4

Top Five Villains

We have arrived! The coup de grace. The top villain of the top five villains of Supernatural. Just even hearing the name Alastair sends a chill down my spine. Also, I can only hear one thing. Really, it’s a song: Heaven, I’m in heaven. SPN fans will understand. Conversely, SPN fans would disagree with my pick with Alastair as the top villain. Let me explain.

There are many people to physically get the best of Dean but no one mentally owned Dean like Alastair. In a very sick, depressing way, Alastair was Mr. Miyagi and Dean was Daniel Russo. Alastair was the master of torture and Dean was the apprentice. Of course, this was in hell, but it all played out on Earth. Secondly, Alastair’s voices and mannerisms were just to die for. Nonchalant to the tee and damn good at it. Alastair was the best of the best.

What do you think? Who are your top five villains of Supernatural? Let us know on Twitter. Also, be on the lookout for more Supernatural content. There will be more to come! Soon.