Top 5 Frenemies: Supernatural Review


My SPN Family, it’s been a while. Though I was gone for a while, I am back now. In addition, you were always in my heart. We are now less than two months away from the final Supernatural season. Even with time to process this fact, it still does not seem real. Instead of clamoring for another season, though, we will remember the good times here at Side Spin Media. Continuing with our “best of” theme, today we discuss the top 5 frenemies of SPN.

Obviously, what constitutes a frenemy deserves some clarification. A frenemy of the Winchesters is a character who was a villain but aligned with Sam and Dean on more than one occasion. Furthermore, after the partnership, the character tried at least once more to destroy Sam and Dean. Given how lovable the boys are, this is a very extensive list. Still, I managed to get a top 5. So, without further delay, here are your top 5 frenemies of Supernatural.

5. Death

They say there are only two things certain in life: death and taxes. Death makes the top 5 frenemies list because only one thing was certain with him and the Winchesters: indifference. Truly, he did not care if the Winchesters lived or died. He only intervened when the “annoying little protozoa” truly needed him. Even still, Death had respect for Sam and Dean and understood their importance.

Top 5 Frenemies

Even after Dean killed Death as we know it and Death reemerged from the ashes of Billie, the relationship remained. Billie’s goal, in the end, is for Dean to die as it is written. However, that does not mean she will not lend a hand with necessary. As the song of his iconic debut sings, “Oh death…”

4. Meg

Meg was frenemy of disjointed longevity. Many will argue that she deserves a higher spot on the top 5 frenemies list. I understand this argument, but I disagree with it. When all things are considered, Meg absolutely deserves a top 5 spot but she’s not the coup de grace. As a frenemy, though, Meg is one of the most multilayered ones of the show. She started as the lapdog of Azael but ended as much more.

Top 5 Frenemies
Supernatural – “Goodbye Stranger” — Image SN817b_0132 — Pictured: Rachel Miner as Meg — Credit: Liane Hentscher/The CW — © 2013 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

With Azael no more, Meg turns her attention to Lucifer. With the defeat of Lucifer, she faces the wrath of Crowley, which causes her to lend the Winchesters a hand. Though she never truly went against them again, she was only ever with them for her own self-interest. Part of that self-interest was her budding romance with the Pizza Man (Castiel). In the end, she dies to save the boys. Meg more than deserves her spot on this list.

3. Rowena

The mother of Fergus. The Queen of all witches. The ginger we all know and love. Were it not for the top frenemy of the top 5 frenemies, Rowena might be the Winchesters greatest friend. Well, their greatest friend outside of Cass and Crowley. Rowena is small in stature but she was a giant to the Winchesters at times. Sam and Dean did not enjoy being on the bad side of this goddess of a woman.

Top 5 Frenemies

As with many, Rowena turns to side with the Winchesters because of Lucifer. In the end, she is quite fond of Sam and Dean, but with her power unleashed she will always be a threat. Oh, don’t think we forgot. Rowena had a brief affair with Gabriel. Will we see something of that in Season 15? I certainly hope so.

2. Lucifer

Seeing as his name means light-bringer, Lucifer mostly is associated with dark times for Sam and Dean. Naturally, he makes the top 5 frenemies list because he is helpful…at times. In the beginning, Lucifer’s only goal is to be one with Sam. Sam was gracious enough to give him that opportunity. Unfortunately for Lucifer, Sam only agrees so that they can slam Lucifer back in the cage.

Top 5 Frenemies

Lucifer frees himself from the cage with the help of Castiel but he is no match for the Darkness. He then helps the Winchesters and Chuck (aka God) in the battle against Amara. With Chuck and Amara MIA, Lucifer turns against Sam and Dean again. Stuck in the multiverse with Mary Winchester, Lucifer helps to defeat multiverse Michael…only to turn bad guy again. A frenemy until his dying breath.

1. Crowley

Hello, boys.  Come on! You had to know this one coming! Crowley tops the top 5 frenemies list because of two reasons. First, I don’t think there is any on the show that has tried to kill Sam and Dean more. In fact, it became a thing for everyone to mention it. Dean states, “This don’t make us square.” Crowley replies, “Yeah, I know.” The simple fact, though, is that the Winchesters (specifically Dean) and Crowley could not quit each other. This leads us to our second point.

Top 5 Frenemies

If there is anyone who challenges Castiel for top friend spot, it’s Crowley. He and Dean got to howl at the moment. He and Sam shared a moment back in the church. Hell, Crowley and Castiel were even briefly hunting partners. Frenemies do not come better than Crowley. Unlike Meg, he is the coup de grace.

Well, that’s all we have for now. We have more lists to come, including top 5 misunderstood/disrespected characters. Be on the lookout for those. Also, hit us up on Twitter and let us know what you’d like to see.


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