Terrorism Has A Name In America: The Radical Right

Photo Credit: (Toronto Star, Theo Moudakis)

Growing up in the 1980s and 1990s two things we knew as fact.
1) Hitler and Nazi’s were evil personified.
2) Russia was our enemy.

All that changed when Donald Trump was inaugurated. The Normalization of Vladimir Putin and Neo-Nazi’s has been one of the greatest failures in our media.
On Sunday, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Beto O’Rourke if Donald Trump was a White Nationalists and Beto said,

“Yes, Trump doesn’t even pretend to respect our differences or to understand that we are all created equal. Trump is saying that some people are inherently defective, or dangerous. This is reminiscent of the Third Reich not something you expect in the United States of America. The President is an open racist and that is dangerous for America.”

Growing up in New York, if you had a pulse, you knew three things about Donald Trump
1) He is a con man.
2) He is a sexual predator.
3) He is a racist.

The media has failed covering all these three characteristics of Trump.

Tapper seemed confused to Beto’s response but let’s look at the facts.

Trump hired Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, Jeff Sessions, Steven Miller and a number of White Nationalists. He has encouraged the radical right to act out and commit violence. It is not the immigrants crossing the border that is a national threat to our country. It is the radical right.

Over 200 mass shootings in America over the past 18 months, 85% of them done by the radical right. They are radicalized by Fox News and Donald Trump. Hate Crimes up 200% in cities Donald Trump holds his rally’s in. Make no mistake about it. Trump is forming an army of terrorists based on lies. Hitler did the very same thing.

Lawyers for Cesar Sayoc, the man who pleaded guilty in the spring to sending numerous packages containing improvised explosive devices to various voices on the left and opponents of President Donald Trump in general, said this week that their client was influenced by Fox News and Donald Trumps rally’s.

Lies and propaganda is spreading through the main stream media based on Trumps talking points. The man in the white house has lied over 10,000 times since 2016. Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg tweeted:
America is under attack from homegrown White nationalist terrorism. That Ideology is evil. it is being condoned at the highest levels of our government.”

One of Trumps 1st executive orders was to overturn the Obama administration rule. Those with a history of mental illness and violence can now buy a gun. It is easier to purchase a firearm in this country than it is to buy allergy medicine. The NRA paid Trump $30 million for him to sign this executive order and now innocent Americans are dying because of his lies, racism and gun policies. How many more will die before the American people demand the GOP stop offering prayers and offer comprehensible gun reform. 2 mass shootings in 24 hours. We are becoming the Wild, Wild West.

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