Are you there, Suzie? It’s Stranger Things Season 3


The pre-teen gang is back and taller than ever. Stranger Things season 3 has been packed with more 80’s throwbacks that include a neon filled mall, greased up and mustachioed boy toys, and New Coke.

To make it even more of a throwback, the kids (and parents) go up against the Russians, who have made it their mission to reopen the gate. These quintessential 80’s bad guys come complete with their very own, very tall, very buff & squared jawed assassin who reminded me of The Terminator. For all I know, this dude was even cast for his resemblance to early Schwarzenegger. He’s 100% the emotionless bad guy who walks—never runs—that every protagonist fears, and can only be taken out with a snappy one-liner.

And that’s not all. This wouldn’t be Stranger Things without the monsters. Changes are occurring in the group, no thanks to puberty and new relationships. It seems everyone is moving in different directions despite Will’s persistence to keep everything the same. With their minds (and hands) elsewhere, The Mind Flayer sinks its tentacles into its first victim and sets its sights on the entire town.

Season 3 is everything we loved about the ’80s and more. It’s grotesque monster magic, over-the-top action sequences, and sing-a-longs at times so inappropriate that it was utter perfection. While the overall theme of this season was about change—from the characters to the town itself—I look forward to the continued evolution of this show. It’s evident we’re in store for something different in the future, and I’m here for it.

In short, this season was hotter than Phoebe Cates.