An Open Letter To Nancy Pelosi: Impeach The M’fer, Now!

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I must preface this article by stating the obvious. Nancy Pelosi has been a role model for women, girls and anyone in the Democratic party. She is an inspiration and has always conducted herself with class, dignity and professionalism. It was her leadership that helped the House Democrats flip over 40 seats in the 2018 mid-terms. That was the most since the Richard Nixon era. She is a strong leader with a great sense of self-worth. Now, with that said, it is time for Pelosi to storm the White House, literally and figuratively.

Pelosi said, “Impeachment is too good for Donald Trump.”

The Speaker of the House is 1000% wrong and Democrats in The Resistance have had enough! The House Judiciary Committee needs to start impeachment ASAP.

Every minute that Trump is in the White House, more innocent people will die. More corruption will take place and our Democracy is on life support.

Bill Maher said…

If Trump was in charge of any other country, America would bomb the shit out of them”

I don’t understand what the Democrats are afraid of? The Trump administration attacks them everyday with lies and propaganda. Democrats are going to war with fists while Republicans use machine guns.

Forget about Trump Russia for a minute…

There are 5 Items you can impeach Trump for:

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1) Crimes against humanity: Innocent kids are being raped, tortured, drugs and sold through human trafficking for profit.

2) Inciting Violence: Hate Crimes are up over 200% since Trump. Synagogues and Mosques are being attacked by right wing, wanna be Nazi’s, AKA MAGA Supporters who quote Trump in their manifestos.

3) Emoluments Clause: Trump is the ultimate pay to play whore. You give him money and he will let you rob, steal, and murder anyone for profit… See Jamal Khashoggi.

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4) Obstruction of Justice/Witness Tampering: Trump has threatened witness and tried to intimidate the likes of Michael Cohen. Trump is a wanna be tough guy on Twitter and a goddamn coward in real life. He would literally get his ass kicked if he ever got into a fist fight, either that of keel over from a massive coronary.

5) War Crimes: The media has failed miserably in covering Trumps Crimes. The Trump administration is killing a record number of innocent civilians in air and drone strikes. Air-wars, a non-governmental organization that monitors civilian casualties from airstrikes, says the Trump Administration killed 1000 innocent civilians in the month of March. They are murdering innocent human beings in record numbers.

The Blue Wave happened in 2018 because we wanted accountability. The American people have spoken, they want Trump and his crime family to be held accountable. If Nancy Pelosi won’t lead the impeachment charge, she needs step down as Speaker of the House.

Again, every day Trump is in office more people will die because of his policies.

Dear Nancy Pelosi,

We have had enough!

Do the right thing and Impeach the M’fer.


70% of America.

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