Avengers: Endgame: Captain America Proves Why There’s No One Better


There’s always one. No matter how you feel about the cast of heroes in any Avengers movies, everyone has their favorite. Avengers: Infinity War gave us a glimpse as to why Captain America is so beloved. However, it wasn’t until Avengers: Endgame that it became full circle.

From the beginning, I always believed Marvel made a huge error by placing Iron Man with the initial movie to set off the franchise. When in fact, Captain America was the first of the Avengers. But still, while Tony Stark made a lasting impression, it wasn’t until the arrival of Steve Rogers that the MCU took off.

His movies were more story than action. Captain America provided Marvel the opportunity to tell a story about a hero who came from nothing and became a savior.

Each hero has their flaws and Captain America is no different. It’s not that he will succumb to kryptonite, radiation, a stone being taken out of his head or relies on the guidance of machines to keep going. It’s his heart that’s his weakness. He cares. Maybe more than any other Avenger.

Cap’s weakness it what makes him the best leader of the Avengers. If Bucky was not a part of the story, then Cap would just be another hero with strength. However, by adding the bond that Cap shares with Bucky, we were giving the best movie out of the MCU– Civil War (before Endgame).

In Infinity War, as each member was introduced, Marvel saved the best for last. When Vision and Scarlet Witch was cornered by Thano’s hit squad, they were left for dead, but one look into the distance provided a glimpse into the shadows and the audience went crazy. Not once did anyone applaud when Iron Man, Thor or Hulk were shown. But the minute Steve caught that sphere, the theatre erupted.

The same can be said for Avengers: Endgame. When the team finally cornered a weak Thanos (at his retirement hideout), it was Cap who the directors decided to give that special entrance to with the sunlight behind him giving Cap that aura of a GOD.

There Is No Avenger Better Than Captain America

While the rest of the team was lost and had just about given up hope in finding Thanos, it was Cap who still was there giving hope. And not just the Avengers. He held support groups for humans after the infamous snap.


During their second fight with Thanos, there was one moment when the world stopped and finally saw Captian America for who and what he is– the best. When Thanos had Thor on the ground ready to drive the ax through his chest, the unexpected happened. Mjolnir lifted. But how?

Movie-goers figured Thor somehow had enough strength in him but the hammer was being summoned by someone else. As the frame came into focus, Mjolnir knocked Thanos off Thor and the hammer gravitated back to Cap. No matter what theater you were in, the audience went wild as Thor said: “I knew it”.

It was symbolic of Cap’s struggles in the early films as he was not able to yield it. It was at that moment that his worthiness came to light. While the other Avengers may fight for the greater good, Cap has always stayed true to himself and the team. It was only fitting that he was given that honor to yield the powerful weapon when the team needed him the most.

What was left was whether or not this would be the last fight for Captian America? How would his story end? Would he be killed off like Black Widow and Iron Man or will he be given a proper sendoff like the hero and leader he is?

Tony sacrificed his life to save the world by putting on the glove. However, Cap gave his life up the moment he went into the water over 70 years ago. When he was sent back in time to put the stones back in safekeeping, Cap decided to write his own history and live the life he wanted before Nick Fury got a hold of him.

There was no reason to kill Captain America. You can’t kill the one thing that is pure on this earth. He deserved a second chance. He earned it the hard way by doing it the right way. And for that reason alone is why he’s considered the best of Avenger.