The Perfectionists: Why Mona and Alison Make The Perfect Duo


After the original Pretty Lille Liars series, I figured there would no way Marlene King could recreate that magic again. While Pretty Little Liars set the bar high, what The Perfectionist has been able to do in just two episodes is prove how much of a genius King is.

When news broke that there would be a spinoff to the popular show, fans scrambled to find answers on who the cast would include. After learning that Alison DiLaurentis and Mona Vanderwall would reprise their roles without the others, doubt crept in.

How could King not bring back the original members, even for a small role? But this is why she is considered one of the greats. As much as we would love to see the Liars together back on screen, King managed to pick out the two who would captivate the new and old audience.

Pairing Alison with anyone other than Mona would be a bit boring.

Don’t get me wrong, having Alison’s wife Emily on the show with their kids would be great but who really wants to see them arguing and changing diapers while trying to solve a murder? How would we feel about Aria and Ezra enjoying their wedding bliss? The same goes for Hanna and Caleb. And how can we forget the back and forth makeup to break up and get back together again for Spencer and Toby?

This is why the Mona and Alison duo will work on The Perfectionists.

In a scene in ‘Sex, Lies, and Alibis’, Alison comes to Mona for help, Alison slaps Mona as she’s lost in her own world trying to figure out who killed Nolan. It was at that moment that fans realized the casting was done correctly.

Once Mona came to, she explained to Alison that she reminded her of the Alison she used to know. For those who have forgotten, it was Alison who was the original “It Girl” in Rosewood. While she tormented everyone, it was Mona who took it the hardest.

Alison always had a plan. I mean, she faker her own death for Crist sake. She fooled her friends, family, and even ‘A’ into believing she was dead. As smart as the others were, Alison may have been the smartest.

But then you have Mona. While others were fooled and scared, it was Mona who the girls turned to when they needed help. So, what King did with The Perfectionists was bring the two masterminds of manipulation together and make them join the same team. We just haven’t gotten to that part yet.

The Perfectionists is centered around two outcasts from the same town searching for a fresh start somewhere new. All it took was a simple murder for the two to unite and do what they do best.