The Road So Far

Road So Far

For many of the Supernatural fanbase, this dreaded moment was never supposed to come. However, the moment has come. This weekend, Jared, Misha, and Jensen announced that next season of Supernatural will be it’s last. On the road so far, there is a lot to be grateful for. Many questions have been answered. Often, questions we did not know we had were answered. Essentially, now is not the time to mourn. Instead, we should reflect on the greatness SPN brings. That and one more thing.

Now that we know that Season 15 will be the end, we still do need some questions answered. As stated above, the road so far has been amazing. Still, the journey will not be complete until there is a resolution to three plot points. So, as we look forward to the beautiful end, let us not forget the three plot points that follow.

Adam/Michael in the Cage

Road So Far

Way back in Swan Song (Season 5, Episode 22) we witnessed Sam/Lucifer and Adam/Michael fall into the cage. Obviously, Sam and Lucifer made it out fine. If you’re not a fanatic of the show, that’s where that story ends. For us fanatics, though, there is a glaring issue with that on the road so far. Adam is still in hell. Yes, almost ten seasons later, Adam is still in hell.

Really, there was only one mention of Adam since then. Really, it was not even about Adam. It was in reference to Michael. So, what gives? Sam and Dean are not the types to ignore family. Yet, it’s as if Adam never existed. This does not sit well with me. In fact, I know it bugs many in the fanbase. Enough is enough. It’s either time to free Adam or explain why he should not be freed. I prefer the former.

Jesse the Anti-Christ

Road So Far

Another plot hole from Season Five. In the Apocalypse Saga (shoutout to Dragonball Z), we were introduced to Jesse. He is the son of a demon and a human mother. Castiel reveals that Jesse could destroy the hosts of heaven with a single word. Well, on the road so far, I guess they lost a nuclear weapon. Sam and Dean wanted to take Jesse to Bobby’s and train him. Jesse had better ideas.

Claiming he was saying goodbye to his parents, Jesse left. Castiel also reveals that with his powers Jesse will not be found unless he wants to be found. Apparently, Jesse does not want to be found still. There has been no mention of him since. Most likely, I believe it’s a continuity error. No one expected the show to go 15 seasons. In my humble opinion, I think Jack is the continuation/reincarnation of Jesse. An official declaration/resolution would be nice though.

The Other Missing Winchester

Road So Far

Maybe I’m being a bit uptight with this one. However, on the road so far, John Winchester’s soul was lost. We know he was in hell. Then, he escaped hell. Outside of Lebanon, John is nowhere. All that remains of John is speculation. The natural assumption is that John is resting in Heaven. I do not believe this. Ash, the human with Enochian genius, could not locate John. He’s not there.

Another assumption is that he’s in the empty. The only being that can shed light on that is the Empty. Thus far, they are silent on the subject. To me, there is one clue that is missing. Back when sought to destroy Sam to stop the Apocalypse, she states she would scatter Sam’s cells so he could not be found. I think something similar happens to John. Yet again, something we need answers to.

Who knows what Season 15 will bring, but I’m sure it will be great. I doubt we will get answers to these questions but one can dream. What are your unanswered questions? Let us know at Side Spin Media! Be on the lookout for more articles such as this one as we discuss the road so far before the end.