The Perfectionists: Is ‘A.D.’ Set To Make A Return To The PLL Spinoff?


At the beginning of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, Alison DiLaurentis asked Mona Vanderwall why she was in town instead of in France where her character ended the popular TV series. Mona’s reply may be the key to the new mystery.

“The reasons I was there escaped me” was her reply.

For those in the know, Mona took it upon herself to watch over the captive ‘A.D.’. However, according to Mona’s statement, are we to believe that A.D. escaped her clutches? If so, could the last scene of the supposedly killer in a hoodie be A.D.?

Yeah, I know what your thinking. “There’s no way The Perfectionists would bring A.D. back into the fold that quickly”. That may be true, but who’s to say that somewhere down the line a return would not be out the question?

The Pretty Little Liars series is built on a mystery. Not a series of killers like any other TV show but one. While the CeCe, in fact, caused some harm, she was still a puppet of the master (A.D.).

What makes this theory possibly is new beginnings brought on by past scars.

From the beginning, Alison was always the main target. However, A.D. never expected Mona, Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily to be so gung-ho about finding the truth then saving and protecting their friend. In the end, the Liars were able to defeat CeCe and then A.D.

This could all be about revenge.

A.D. is a master planner. If getting revenge on Alison is the ultimate Endgame then what better way than to take her across the county away from her friends, kids, and wife? Yes, Mona is still by her side but A.D may have a better chance of fighting two instead of six. She’s playing the odds.

To bring A.D. back this early will definitely cheapen The Perfectionists. However, there’s a reason The Perfectionists continued to follow the lives of Alison and Mona (the first ‘A’) and not anyone else.

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