Judge Ellis: Is He Part of the Trump and the GOP Crime Family?


Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for tax and bank fraud related to his work advising Ukrainian politicians, much less than what was called for under sentencing guidelines.

Reality winner received 5 years in prison for trying to warn our government about Donald Trump and Russia collusion.

Paul Manafort received 4 years for trying to destroy democracy.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said on MSNBC.“I think I spent more days in detention in high school than Judge Ellis thinks that Paul Manafort should spend in jail for what he did to defraud the United States.”

There are numerous examples all over the media of people smoking pot or stealing less than $500 dollars and spending a minimum of 10 years in jail. Manafort stole over $6 million from tax payers and this is the punishment?

Crime DOES PAY if you are white and wealthy in America.

Conservative Republican and one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters, Chris Collins, was indicted earlier this year. Collins, who represents New York’s 27th District, was arrested in New York on federal charges related to securities fraud. Collins is still a member of congress.

In April of 2018, Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter and his wife, Margaret, used campaign funds to pay personal bills according to a stinging 47-page indictment. Hunter is still a member of congress.

Florida Republican, Matt Gaetz has a list of driving violations.

6/11/00 Speeding.
11/27/00 Speeding.
7/13/01 Ran stop sign.
7/13/01 Speeding.
9/26/01 Not wearing seatbelt.
11/24/01 Speeding.
7/12/08 Driving unsafe car.
10/30/08 DUI.
10/30/08 Speeding.
10/7/13 Speeding.
5/8/14 Careless driving.
7/7/15 No proof insurance.

The DUI case was dropped and Gaetz didn’t get his license suspended for refusing breathalyzer, even though Florida law dictates it. Gaetz also threatened Michael Cohen in the tweet below.

Gaetz is not only a member of Congress he is moving up the ranks in the GOP because of his deviant ways.

Jim Jordan is the Minority Ranking Member of the House Oversight Committee. He has covered up sexual abuse at Ohio State for over a decade.

Jeff Sessions and Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Lied to congress under oath, repeatedly. Any citizen who lied to congress would be in jail. Nothing has happened to Sessions or Neilson.

Roger Stone, another member of the Trump Crime Family, threatened Judge Amy Berman Jackson. Stone posted a picture of the Judge with crosshairs.

I would be curious to see if a Muslim, A minority or a black person posted a picture of Judge Ellis with crosshairs after his decision on Manfort. That person would be handcuffed, beaten and thrown in jail within an hour.

Judge Ellis needs to be investigated immediately, he was either threatened, bribed or both.

One in six circuit court judges in America is now a Trump appointees. Most of them are racist, part of white supremacists groups and are anti-LGBTQ.

We are at a crossroads in America. Trump and his band of corrupt GOP members have taken the justice system back to Mississippi in 1950s.

If you are white and have money, you can do no wrong.

The question now is… what are you going to do about it?

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