We Can No Longer Go High When They Go Low


One of my favorite movie quotes of all-time is from the 1987 movie, The Untouchables.

Jim Malone says to Eliot Ness, “You wanna get Capone? Here’s how you get him. He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue! That’s the Chicago way

The above quote is how Republicans in power think when dealing with Democrats. They will lie, cheat, and steal in public and private to discredit the truth.

Democrats need to start thinking and acting the same way. With all due respect to Michelle Obama, the time to go high when they go low is over. I am not advocating violence but the days of turning the other cheek when we get slapped are long gone. We need to combat these lies with transparency and truth.

We are at war with this administration.

It is a war on:
Climate Change
Freedom of speech
Individuals rights
LGBTQ community
Women’s rights
(Feel free to add any other topic above).

Pool Boy aficionado, and Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. threated to shoot democratic congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez if she takes his cows.

So it is now okay to threaten another American and a sitting member of congress? If Falwell was a Muslim, a black man or an undocumented immigrant and threatened a white member of the GOP congress they would be beaten by the police and would be in one of Trump’s private prisons.

Steve King and Steve Scalise are sitting members of congress for the Republican party. They have been linked to white nationalist, white supremacists and neo-Nazi’s.
Both have attacked Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

So according to the GOP you can be Nazi in congress but not a Muslim.

The Lies, the fake news, the blatant sexism needs to stop and if it doesn’t those who spread fake news should be held accountable.

I have literally been begging Hillary Clinton on Twitter to sue the National Enquirer for three years.

I have reached out to AOC and other Democrats to sue for libel, slander or reckless endangerment when news organizations or Republicans tell blatant lies about them.

Donald Trump has said that the Democrats want open borders and doctors are killing babies after they have been born.

Mark my words, a Doctor is going to be attacked and or killed based on Trump and the GOP lies.

We have already seen this with the Pittsburgh shooter.

The Synagogue shooting suspect threatened Jewish groups, pushed migrant caravan conspiracies based on Donald Trump, Fox News and GOP lies.

Michael Cohen said under oath, in his testimony, Donald Trump could shoot someone on 5th avenue and get away with it. He also said he fears that if Mr.Trump loses the 2020 election he won’t leave office peacefully.

Photo Credit (USA Today)

No American is above the law. The Trump administration is refusing to give documents to the House Judiciary committee. The Democrats in unison, must tell every news organization that the Trump administration is hiding treason from the American People. They need to be screaming from the rooftop.

Trump has lied over 9,000 times since 2016. He is a clear and present danger to our American way of life.

The new GOP talking point is that the Democrats are campaigning for 2020 and that is why they are having oversight on the Trump administration.

No, the reason the Democrats had historical wins in the 2018 mid-term elections was because WE voted for oversight. The Democrats won the house because they promised to hold the Trump Crime Family accountable

The Time to go high when they go low has come on gone. We must all fight everyday against this corrupt, treasonous regime.

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