Daredevil: 3 Reasons We Deserve A Season 4 Despite Being Cancelled


It seems that the Marvel and Netflix marriage is coming to a messy end. After news broke that Iron Fist would not receive a Season 3 renewal, fans were outraged. Then, it was announced that Luke Cage would not receive a Season 3 renewal and that sent fans over the edge. How could this happen when both were good shows? Jessica Jones’ Season 3 is scheduled and last month, The Punisher released its third season. Now we wait. Will there be a Season 4 for the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen?

Here are 3 reasons why fans should expect a Season 4 of Daredevil.

What’s Up With Matt And Karen?

From the beginning, there was chemistry between the two. It took until Season 3 for us to understand why Karen is the way she is when it comes to her heart. Her flashback episode in ‘Karen’ gave us a bit of insight into why she has fallen for Matt. Karen likes the bad guys. Now Matt is not a “bad guy” per se, but his alter ego is known to stir things up.

This season, Karen wore her heart on her sleeve and despite Matt’s attempts to shield or push her away, Karen kept coming back. To leave the show with their fates yet decided would be an injustice to a budding relationship. Of course, Matt has had the hots for Claire and Elektra but Karen seems to the perfect fit for him. We need a Season 4 to see where this goes.

We Need More Of Matt And Maggie

Not knowing where Matt’s mother was, was never a real issue in the first two seasons. But, the moment Sister Maggie came into view and their first spoken encounter in Season 3, fans found humor in a dark show. Their back and forth quips led to many hilarious moments. But when it was revealed Maggie was Matt’s mother, it all changed. Their scenes became less and less and we never got to see their relationship blossom.

It was only at the end where some sort of reconcile was established but it left me wanting more. It would be great to see how they work through their differences, get to know one another and see more of their subtle jabs as the series grows.

It’s Simply The Best Marvel And Netflix Has

Even without the cancellation of Luke Cage and Iron Fist, there was not a show on the Marvel and Netflix schedule that could come close to what Daredevil provides. While each of those shows are action-related, they also tend to lean more toward the supernatural side of the coin. Jessica Jones is a bit like Daredevil with less “special gift” characters while Luke and Danny do their fighting with bulletproof skin and a glowing fist.

What sets Daredevil apart is the realness the show gives. How many times have we seen Luke, Danny or Jessica bleed? How many times have we seen either of them get tired in the middle of a fight? And best of all, how many fights have they lost? While blind, Daredevil is still the closest fans will get to identify with a hero. He bleeds, he can die and the inner demons he often fights with is more believable than any of the other characters. We need a Season 4 of Daredevil before we need another season of JJ, IF or LC.