Michael Cohen, Donald Trump and the GOP: Treason in Plain Site

Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun

I must preface this article by clearly stating two things:

1) I have no sympathy for Michael Cohen. He is a thug, a bully, a convict, a liar and a cheat. Every minute he serves in prison is because of his despicable actions.

2) The time to sugarcoat what Donald Trump and the GOP are doing to this country is over. The media will continue to say this is politics but it is not. They have one goal. Destroy Democracy and have a 1 ruling party.

The Cohen Hearing:

When Republicans send their members to oversight hearings, they are not sending their best.

They send their drug addicts.

They send their sexual predators.

They send their racists.

Jim Jordan starting the hearings by bringing up the Hillary Clinton Machine. I was waiting for Mark Meadows or Jordan to yell out, “Benghazi”

Say it out loud. The GOP said that Cohen had no credibility because he was a liar. Yet, Donald Trump has lied over 8,000 times since 2016.

Rep. Jamie Raskin had the best line of the day below:

“Our colleagues are not upset because you lied to Congress for the president. They’re upset because you *stopped* lying to Congress for the president.”

John Avlon responded with this tweet:

Rick Santorum’s defense of Donald Trump right now on @AC360 is basically that the President lies all the time about Russia because he’s a liar. There’s nothing odd or sinister or unusual in his lies about Russia. When that’s the best argument your on air advocates have…

Trump/Kim Summitt:

Donald Trump went to Vietnam, minus the bone spurs, and he is coming back with two scenarios.

1) North Korea is stronger

2) America is weaker

Trump once again siding with Kim Jun Un over our intelligence communities.

Trump said he believes North Korean’s “top leadership” had no idea of the “horrible” conditions Otto Warmbier endured while he was captured. Warmbier died and there will be no repercussions. We saw this with the Saudi Prince and the Jamal Khashoggi murder.

The Trump administration is allowing innocent Americans to be murdered by brutal dictators overseas. The same is happening here in America. Trump Supporters are targeting and killing anyone who speaks out against him.

I don’t believe Trump went to Vietnam to do anything with Kim Jung Un. I believe Trump went there to get his orders from Vladimir Putin.

Something horrific is about to happen in America. We already know that the Russia has codes to our grids and power stations.

Cohen said yesterday, “If Mr. Trump loses the 2020 election I fear that he will not give up power.”

Would anyone be shocked if Trump allowed an attack on America soil? Would anyone be shocked if California is attacked and Trump declares Martial Law and suspends the elections?

Trump and the GOP have 1 goal. A 1 Party System. It is treason in plain site.

I have written this and said it on The Full Monte Show over 50 times.

If Trump is still in office by 2020… Democracy will be lost forever.

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