Damaged Goods: Supernatural S14E11

Season 14

In the second week back from the midseason finale, SPN is back with another banger! Just as Nihilism did, Damaged Goods brought the goods. No, they were not damaged. Yes, that was a horrific pun. Let’s just pretend it never happened. Much like last week, Damaged Goods was jammed pack with action, some humor, and pure, unadulterated story. I’m itching to get into this one so, as always, SPOILER ALERT!!!! Now, let’s get it!

For me, Damaged Goods surrounded two entities being damaged. The first is clear from Nihilism, which is Dean. The second was arguably the one I’ve been waiting to hear more about. If you’ve been following along to these recaps, you’ll know that is Nick. Nick and Dean as Damaged Goods is a complex story. The vessel of Heaven and the temporary vessel of Hell are damaged for different reasons. Let us discuss.

First, we will start with the vessel of Hell. Nick has returned and he’s still hot on the trail of the killer of his family. At this point, we still don’t know if Nick is a raging serial killer or if Abraxas the demon really did slaughter his family. We all love Nick. We all feel bad for Nick. Yet, he’s off the reservation. This time, he takes things a bit too far. He attacks beloved members of the Winchester family.

Damaged Goods
Supernatural — “Damaged Goods” — Image Number: SN1411b_0259b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Mark Pellegrino as Nick and Briana Buckmaster as Donna — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Before we know it, Nick is in Hibbing, looking for Mary. What he wants Mary for, we have no clue. Soon, our favorite Minnesotan catches up with Nick. Yes, Donna has returned. Nick gets the upper hand on Donna and finds Mary’s whereabouts. Then, Nick goes after Mary and takes her to Grand Rapids. While there is more to that story, I’m going to pause there for a second. Before we complete the Nick story of Damaged Goods, we must discuss Dean.

As expected, Dean is struggling under the weight of being the new cage for Altiverse Michael. To the shock of no one, Michael wants out of the cage. We see him literally beating down the door to the cage. Dean is having a hard time fighting him off. What makes Dean damaged goods is that he seems to have given up. It almost seems as if Dean is on a farewell tour. He goes to visit Donna. Afterward, he travels to the cabin Mary is holed up in to visit her.

Damaged Goods
Supernatural — “Damaged Goods” — Image Number: SN1411b_0043bc.jpg — Pictured: Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

With Altiverse Bobby off to compose himself, it’s just Mary and Dean. Dean asks Mary to make him his favorite meal of hers: Winchester Surprise. Turns out, this is only a distraction to get Mary away for a while. Dean has other plans. As soon as Mary leaves, Dean gets to work. He’s building something. What is he building? We have no clue. What we do know is that his blueprints are straight from ancient text from the Men of Letters bunker. Now, the stories of Nick and Dean collide.

Donna, now awake, calls Dean and tells him Nick has Mary. Called earlier by Mary, Sam meets Dean outside as he looks for Mary. Donna gets a tip that Nick and Mary are seen in Grand Rapids. Here, we backtrack to Nick. Nick kidnaps Mary because Mary and he have a connection. Mary is believed to have killed Abraxas. If you recall, Abraxas is the demon that killed Nick’s family. We learn that Mary did not kill Abraxas but locked him away in an Enochian box. This is why Nick and Mary are in Grand Rapids.

Damaged Goods

Nick wants Mary to retrieve and open the Enochian box as he would like to question Abraxas, which is what he does. Here, we’ve reached the peak of the episode. Abraxas agrees to let Nick know what happened to his family, but only if he kills Mary. Nick attempts to do so but fails. Sam and Dean arrive in the nick of time (another terrible pun) to save their money.

Desperate, Nick breaks the Devil’s Trap and frees Abraxas. Abraxas, now free, admits that he indeed killed Nick’s family. The twist is that he was told to do so by Lucifer. As Abraxas rears back to strike, Nick kills him with the Angel Blade. So, it turns out Nick did not kill his family. Still, something is not quite right with him. He still is a serial killer. It just seems as if there is something within that makes him a monster. Was this something that lived within him before? Is this just the effects of being the vessel of Lucifer? These are questions that we do not yet have the answers for. Back to Dean.

In the aftermath of the battle, Mary confronts Dean. She tells him she knows what he is building. Either Dean has to tell Sam or Mary will. As the episode ends, Dean reveals his grand scheme to Sam. Echoing my own sentiments, Dean admits to Sam that he cannot defeat Michael. So, he builds a casket. This casket is designed to keep whatever lies in it contained, which includes archangels.

Damaged Goods
Supernatural — “Damaged Goods” — Image Number: SN1411a_0250b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Naturally, Sam is not okay with this plan. The plan is for Dean to lock himself in the casket (along with Michael) and drop himself in the Pacific Ocean. He gives Sam two choices: He can either do this with Dean or Dean can do it alone. Dean would prefer to do it with Sam. Though Sam thinks there’s another way, he agrees to back Dean. The casket is the fruit of the ending that Death showed Dean. End scene. Roll credits.

While we did have some questions answered, we got more in return. What makes Nick what he is? Will Dean carry out his plan? What will Castiel think about the plan? Maybe we’ll find out next week in Prophet and Loss. Let us know what you think! See you next week!


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