Marvel’s Runaways: Jonah Won’t Stop Nico In Season 3


While there was a slight debate in Marvel’s Runaways Season 2 as to whom the leader of the group is, in reality, it still belonged to Alex Wilder. However, towards the end, Nico decided to stake claim to that title and rightfully so.

In Season 1, Nico was scared. She was terrified of the truth, Pride, her parents, and even her powers.

Now, with the team on the run and everyone looking out for themselves, Nico was forced to embrace the darkness of The Staff. In doing so, she inherited the leadership role Alex abandoned, but it came at a cost.

What stood out the most to me this season even with every member of the team learning something new about themselves was the transformation of Nico. This is a young woman forced to deal with the murder of her sister, the neglect of her parents, her father cheating, and her decision to come out of the closet. All this while learning she has the power to pretty much do anything she wants with The Staff.

Each character had their defining moments in Season 2 but thinking back, Nico had more than a few. Two of my favorites were when the parents and The Runaways had Jonah cornered at the Site. Jonah ordered the ship to take off while Nico, Karolina, Gert, and Molly were still at the bottom of the pit.

While Karolina was able to save Molly and Gert, Nico was left to fend for herself and it was in that moment she changed.

When she flew out the pit, everyone, including Jonah was scared. It was in that moment that Nico became the strongest and the leader of the Runaways in my opinion. Then, to top it off, she did what they all wanted to but couldn’t. She killed Jonah. We would later find out it was just the host body, but she did it.

Her second moment came when she had to square off against her parents. While each character had to deal with theirs, it was Nico who had the toughest.

The straight hand-to-hand combat was a great touch but by then, she had embraced the darkness. In the end, she may have lost the fight, but what she gained was more valuable. Nico now understands how powerful she can be, and with that, Jonah must be very careful.

Now, with Jonah armed with his team of aliens, The Runaways must once again find a way to work as a team. When we next see them, who will be the one giving orders, will it be Alex or Nico?