DOPE! Dache Hardison


2018 is coming to a close and the holiday season is in full swing, but for entrepreneurs, this is go time meaning planning out the NEXT year. For two brothers from NYC, the world of fashion is about to get introduced to a new kid. Created by Rich Dickson and Carlos Reid along with Mark Wilson. Rich Kid Clothing has next in the world of Urban Fashion and today we get to know one of the faces of the brand Dache Hardison. This North Carolina A&T student has an eye for fashion and set on making a name for herself. Living the Rich Kid motto “Dare To Be Different”

Joe Cardoso: What led you to leap into the world of Modeling?

Dache Hardison: At North Carolina A&T State University there are a lot of students who start their own businesses whether it is for hair, make up, fashion or photography. They are always looking for brand ambassadors and models. My first official modeling was done as a hair ambassador for one of my friends. This exposed me to all of the different types of modeling there are and gave me my jump start!

JC: Who are some of the people in or out of the industry you look up to?

DH: One person I look up to as far as fashion is Teyana Taylor. She has a unique style and is very confident in whatever she is wearing. She is able to be diverse and switch up her style, yet still let it be a reflection of who she is as an artist and fashion icon. I also look up to Ryan Destiny. She has such a classic natural look that not everyone can pull off. She is also very confident and her style and makes high fashion look so easy and classy!

JC: Fashion is the name of the game, how would you describe your personal style?

DH: I am still trying to discover my personal style each day. Most times to class I am rocking sweats. However, my style is close to streetwear. I love bright colors and matching it with some dope sneakers. I prefer a more natural slay.

JC: What about Rich Kid attracted you to them?

DH: The brand is dope and pairs closely with my own personal style! I can easily pair it with some sneakers and still look good! I am so excited for Rich Kid to expand their brand and their products. The first time I wore a Rich Kid hoodie my friends were dying to know where I got it from. 

JC: Urban fashion is starting to finally get proper recognition, do you agree?

DH: I absolutely agree! I think there are a lot of black celebrities who are now supporting a lot of urban black clothing lines on social media to increase brand awareness. I think this helps make the world take urban fashion a little more serious than they have before.

JC: What type of modeling is your favorite? Outdoor, sportswear, exotic locations etc?

DH: Well, I am still fairly new to modeling so I haven’t gotten the chance to experience all aspects of modeling yet. However, so far live modeling is my favorite. It allows me to show off my style in many different ways other than one still shot! I am looking forward to doing a shoot in an exotic location because I love to travel. So that would be what I’m most looking forward to.

JC: When not at shoots what do you do in your free time?

DH: I am heavily involved on my school’s campus, as I serve on the executive board for A&T’s student activities. We are the programming body for the entire university including the planning of homecoming. They keep me very busy!

JC: Without giving it all away what do you have planned for the rest of 2018?

DH: Well, since I’m just getting started the upcoming year will be full of new projects and shoots! I will be expanding my career and really begin to put myself out there! Stay tuned.

JC: What has the HBCU experience been like so far?

DH: The HBCU experience is like no other! I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Our university is pretty close-knit and feels more like family than anything else.

JC: Saving the best question for last, who is Dache Hardison?

DH: Most people on my campus refer to me by my nickname: “Boogie”. I am an outgoing social butterfly. I am a young black woman who is determined to climb the ladder of success. And I am unapologetically me.

In the coming months be on the lookout for Dache and the crew over at Rich Kid. Keep up with them on all their social media accounts.

Instagram: Richkid_ColthingLine
You can also follow Dache journey as well
Instagram – cheeeboogiee 

The movement Rich Kid is starting is what this column DOPE is all about. A company on the come up doing it how they want and with a cool flair. Want to thank Dache for her time and Rich, Mark and company as well. Make sure to follow @SideSpinMedia for more features and me @JoeCardoso301