Mattis Resigns: Do You Know What? We are in Trouble


There is a scene in the 2010 movie, The Crazies, where the sheriff is waiting for the government to come and help them. When he realizes that they aren’t coming he starts to panic and a fear comes over him. (Watch below before you continue reading).

General Mattis resigned yesterday and you know what?

We are in Trouble!

Everyone Donald Trump has handpicked to work in his administration, has either left in disgrace or left in disgust.

Where are the patriots in our government? By all accounts General Mattis has served his country with grace and patriotism. I am not going to question that but, does his patriotism stop when he leaves office? Mattis should demand a hearing and talk about Trump’s treasonous agenda. In his resignation letter Mattis said numerous times that we must align with our allies.

Trump, Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller want to align with Saudi Arabia and Russia.

The Media continues to fail America on a colossal level. Wolf Blitzer had Miller on his program Thursday and Miller, like a rabid dog, was spewing hate and lies. Blitzer barely challenged him and thanked him for coming on his show. Chris Cuomo continues to have Kellyanne Conway on his program. She spouts lies, insults him and he smiles and says, thank you. The media has become an abused spouse with these Trump surrogates.They continue to get abused and ask for more.

On Thursday, I tweeted: #MAGA what are you clinging to?

  • Russia and North Korea have gotten stronger.
  • 401K taking a hit.
  • Wall Street tanking, the worst December since The Great Depression
  • 8 out of the poorest 10 states are red states
  • Taking away health care, food stamps, Medicaid and Medicare
  • Mexico is not paying for a wall. Promises made by Trump, promises broken.

Trump is going to shut the government down because he wants $5 billion for a wall, that we don’t need. Trump is withdrawing troops from Syria and Afghanistan and they are sending Troops to the border. In 2016, under Barrack Obama, illegal immigration was at a 40-year low. Immigrants are not a national security threat. They want $5 billion for a fake threat, a boogie-man, Bigfoot. They are lying to the American people. I will write it again.

Immigration is not the problem, the media normalizing Trump’s lies are the problem.

Trump is a traitor, a domestic terrorist and the media and our intelligence communities need to treat him like a hostile enemy. Trump will not stop until America is a full blown Dictatorship.

We are in Serious Trouble.

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