Nancy Pelosi: Certified Bad Ass


There was a meeting on Monday between Donald Trump, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence. Moving forward, I will call Pence, “The Gimp” from the 1994 movie, “Pulp Fiction.” Has there ever been a weaker, more submissive and timid Vice President in the history of our nation?

I want to set the stage for everyone who missed the impromptu meeting.

Imagine 3 men and a woman at a five-star restaurant. The three men order steak, potatoes and drinks, All of a sudden Trump tells the waiter,

Nancy will have a salad, no dressing, a few pieces of chicken and water with lemon”

Pelosi interrupts and says, “I can order my own food, I will have a steak,medium rare, vegetables and a double Johnnie Walker Blue, neat.”

Every time Trump tried to speak for Nancy she interrupted him and said… don’t do that.

The Speaker also called Trump out. She said, “You don’t have the votes in the house to pay for the wall, and if you think you have the votes, go for it, but you don’t.”

What we saw yesterday was a classic fighter taking on a bully. Trump can’t lie and try to intimidate Pelosi because she comes prepared and comes with Trump’s kryptonite, The truth.

If you noticed during the entire meeting, Pelosi looked directly into Trump’s bloodshot, swollen eyes, while Chuck Schumer never made eye contact.

The entire wall, is literally and figuratively crashing down on the corrupt, liar in the white house.

Jamie Carter Tweeted @JCTheResistance

Coming January 3rd, 2019.

  • Pelosi will have the House gavel.
  • Adam Schiff will lead the Intel.
  • Jerry Nadler will lead the judiciary.
  • Elijah Cummings will lead oversight.
  • Maxine Waters will lead financial.

The Trump train is crashing.

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