Donald Trump: The Master of Fake News and Lies


Almost 2 years ago, Donald Trump moved into the White House. Since that time he has lied to his base, the American people and the world over 5,500 times. At a Nazi Rally, Trump, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh lied for over an hour. The soulless trio said that Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians. Trumps fake lawyer, Rudy Giuliani has been on national TV saying that, “Collusion is not a crime.” 

If Hillary colluded with Russia, why is Trump constantly praising Vladimir Putin? Why are members of the GOP constantly flying to Russia to meet with Putin’s band of corrupt oligarch’s? If Clinton colluded with Russia, shouldn’t the entire GOP declare the dictator in Russia an enemy of the people. Trump’s lies now need more lies.

Here are a list of lies Trump has told over the past 2 days.

  • Republicans will give middle class a 10% Tax break before the election.
  • The Caravan is filled with terrorists.
  • George Soros is funding the caravan.
  • There are thousands of undocumented immigrants voting on election day.
  • No President has ever done more in the first two years than he has.
  • China is going to hack the elections.
  • Trump has said that the Democrats want to take away health care. The GOP has voted 50 times to take away health care.
  • Democrats will take away your guns.
  • Trump said the economy will crash if the Democrats take over the house and senate. During the Great Depression the GOP controlled the House, Senate and White House. The same thing happened under George Bush. There was a huge financial crisis in America from 2007-2009 because of the housing bubble created by the Republicans.

How many lies has Trump told that has led to violence, wasted tax payer money or death.

The main stream media shares the responsibility for Trump. They continue to have his surrogates on their shows. Kellyanne Conway continues to lie without repercussions.

Lies are Lies and we must expose everyone in the inner and outer circle of the Trump Crime Family and Surrogates.

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