MAGA Bomber And Trump… We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night. We Will Not Vanish Without A Fight!


Donald Trump came out this week and said he was a Nationalist.

That is code word for… I am a  White supremacy and Nazi’s. Like in the movie GoodFellas, Trump was letting all those who belong to White Power Organizations that he was one of them.

His base has now taken Trump’s message over the past two years and put it into action.

10 Democrats, 1 actor and CNN had bombs sent to their homes and offices on Wednesday. The People who were targeted, have spoken out against Donald Trump numerous times. I want to be clear here so there is no ambiguity. Someone or some group tried to murder/assassinate

  • The Obama’s
  • The Clinton’s
  • George Soros
  • John Brennan
  • Eric Holder
  • Joe Biden
  • Maxine Waters
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz
  • Robert DeNiro

Donald Trump is 100% responsible for the violence. His rhetoric, racism and anger has carried over to his racist base. Earlier this year, Trump re-tweeted a picture of him on the phone with a blood and the letters CNN on his shoe.

He has also re-tweeted videos of wrestlers with him beating up a wrestler whose face said CNN.


Donald Trump hasn’t called anyone of the targets on this attempted murder. He will not call the Obama’s, the Clintons or anyone else.

Trump believes anyone who speaks out against him should be beaten, jailed or murdered. A domestic terrorist tried to kill officials and Trump went to a rally.

If Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and “fake” Fox News got bombs sent to their offices when Barrack Obama was president, they would have taken Obama out in handcuffs.

Trump has applauded and praised Republican Greg Gianforte, who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault for an attack on Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs. Gianforte body slammed Jacobs for simply asking a question. Trump called him a “tough cookie” and said he thinks it might have helped him win election in Montana. “Lying”Ted Cruz said that Beto O’Rourke should share a cell with Hillary Clinton. Neither has committed a crime.

The bottom line here is this…

Trump and the GOP want this. They want to scare, threaten, lock up and kill those who speaks out against his racism, corruption and wanna be dictatorship. Dana Loesch, the NRA spokeswoman, has called for Republicans to bring guns with them to vote, so Democrats won’t attack them.

Remember Trump said the secret service should stand down and not protect Hillary Clinton to see what happens. He also said that if he lost the election, the 2nd amendment people would have something for Hillary. Right wing, old, racist, men like Lou Dobbs and failed actor James Woods have said these bombs were fake. The FBI has said that these were real bombs and were a real threat.

We have seen hate crimes go up over 100% since Trump. Everyday on Twitter we see white men and women attacking anyone who isn’t white. We see these vile creatures call others nigger, spic, terrorist and several other racist words.

Trump not only allows hate and racism to grow… he encourages it.

Here are facts:

Since 2001, you are 100% more likely to be shot and killed by homegrown right-wing extremists than by Islamist terrorists, undocumented or documented immigrants.

Trump has called the media the enemy of the people. Eric Trump said that Liberals aren’t even human when he appeared on Fox News. This is the exact same rhetoric that Hitler used to describe the Jews in Nazi Germany. We are now fighting for our rights to be free. Not from communism, not from Muslims, but from the right wing and Donald Trumps thugs.

To quote Bill Pullman from the 1996 movie, Independence Day.

“We will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish without a fight.”

How many more people must die before the 70% of Americans who didn’t vote for Trump shut this country down and demand Trump be removed from office?

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