Supernatural – S14E02 – Gods and Monsters

Gods and Monsters

Saving people. Hunting things. The family business. This week, Supernatural kind of returned to its roots with Gods and Monsters. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Even for the most pessimistic, hard to please SPN fans, this episode had everything. Gods and Monsters had the hunting fans miss and it had the character development I’ve come to love. It just had it all. Let’s get to it!

Michael starts the episode. As expected, the Archangel has been up to no good. True to the title of the episode, we get our first taste of Gods and Monsters. Michael is experimenting with vampires. At this point, we’re not sure what his goal is with the experiments, but they’re not going well though. The monsters are piling up and the god seems perplexed.

Back in the bunker, we learn that Michael’s dirty deeds are in Duluth, MN. Altiverse Bobby, Sam, and Mary decide to go hunt him down. Cass does not join them because he gets babysitting duty. His task is looking after Jack and “Nick”. We still have every reason to believe it’s just Nick. Still, I’m not so sure. Jack, however, agrees that he needs to stay behind. He agrees that he needs to improve.

Back in his room, Nick is having flashbacks of his time as the monster of Lucifer. Castiel drops by to give Nick some food. Cass is having a hard time differentiating between Nick and Lucifer. Who can blame him? Nick is having difficulty understanding why he would let the monster posses him. Castiel then reminds Nick that Lucifer took advantage of the loss of Nick’s wife and child. Nick remembers this now. His pain is apparent.

Gods and Monsters

In Duluth, Sam, Mary, and Bobby arrive at the morgue. Inspecting the bodies, they discover that they are all vampires. At this point, the Winchester clan have no clue what the god is doing to the monsters. Honestly, neither does the audience. They are sure, however, that Michael is behind this. They get a lead to a witness and they’re in business.
In Lebanon, Jack is studying up on biblical lore. Jack’s topic of choice is angelic grace. He wants to know how long it will be before his grace is replenished. Castiel is familiar with this problem. He suffered a similar fate in Season Nine. Cass tells Jack that patience and persistence are what he needs. He reminds Jack that the past is important but the future still matters more.

A bit earlier than expected, we get our first, official Dean appearance. Michael, looking in the mirror in a dashing tux, is interrupted by Dean. Making the best of his freedom, Dean implores Michael to let him go. Michael, though, is not concerned with Deans desires. Michael lets Dean know he won’t let him go. He owns Dean and Dean just needs to enjoy the ride.

Back to the bunker we go. Nick is upset that the case of his wife and son remains unsolved. In a moment, when Cass tries to console Nick, we see Nick act as if he’s still the monster (Lucifer). Castiel is thrown off by this. For me, it’s expected. I’m not entirely convinced it’s just Nick. Cass, however, explains what just happened. Castiel believes that Nick was impacted by Lucifer in ways they did not expect. In other words, Nick still has the bloodlust of a monster. Nick is out for blood and revenge.

In Minnesota, Sam, Mary, and Altiverse Bobby find the witness. Turns out, the witness is a vamp. She tells them what she knows about the experiment with the god and monsters. She cannot tell them, however, what Michael is doing. Lucky for the Winchester clan, she knows where Michael did the experiments.

Gods and Monsters

In Michael’s “spare time”, he’s found another monster. This time, it’s a werewolf. After some playful back and forth, Michael gets the better of the monster. He tells her to summon her master. Now, here we’re unsure about something. Is her master just the pack leader? Is her monster an alpha? We’ll come back to that.

Nick is still fuming. He’s fuming about his family and his possession. Castiel then attempts to defuse the situation by telling him the story of Jimmy Novak. This does not help at all. Nick says, “You’re just a stone cold body snatcher. You’re no different than Lucifer.” This cuts Cass deep. Before walking away, Castiel tells Nick his greatest regret. This regret is what happened to Jimmy Novak and his family.

We then find out the “master” summoned by Michael is the leader of the pack. Michael reveals to the leader that humans are the real monsters. Now, we get more insight into Michael’s plan. He seeks to drive the humans to near extinction. Michael thinks that the gods can help the monsters in this regard. They would leave just enough humans for the monsters to survive. Initially put off, the leader now finds this proposition intriguing.

Jack, to our surprise, has left the bunker. We find him at the home of his grandparents, which are the parents of Kelly Kline. Jack tactfully tells his grandparents of his birth without revealing who he is. Speaking to his grandparents, he states he hopes to have some of his mother’s purpose and courage. Wisely, Jack does not inform his grandparents of Kelly’s death.

Gods and Monsters

Back to Michael’s dirty deeds. He’s found the vampire that got free. In actuality, she did not escape. She was allowed to escape as a trap for the Winchesters. Michael, being almost a god, knows the Winchesters well. He used the vampire to draw them in. With her job complete, Michael relieves the vampire of her duties. In other words, he smites her with his Archangel glare.

Jack returns to the bunker and seems content. Though Castiel initially is upset with Jack, he accepts it. Castiel learns that Jack did not inform his grandparents of the death of Kelly. Cass tells Jack that there are worse ways to be human than being kind. Conversation switches to the Michael/Dean drama. Jack believes that the life of Dean does not matter. Michael has to be stopped at all costs. Castiel and Jack disagree on this. Cass believes that they must save Dean at all costs.

Nick has left the bunker as well. He confronts the witness to the murder of his family. The gentleman’s name is Arty. Nick asks Arty why he changed his story with the police. Arty hesitates. In the end, Arty states he changed his story because there was no man. Nick is confused and upset. Arty insists he doesn’t know anything but Nick is not convinced.

Back in Duluth, the Winchester Clan is ambushed by werewolves. These werewolves are not typical. Silver is useless on them. The Winchester clan has to behead them, which is unusual. Just then, Michael appears, but it’s not Michael. It’s Dean! Dean assures the group that it’s really him. Michael is missing. He just left and Dean does not know why. Call me crazy, but there will be more to this story. For now, Dean is no longer the god Michael.

The episode’s end is its highlight. We find Nick staring into a mirror. Blood is all over Nick. Not only is blood all over Nick, but Arty is dead. To make matters worse, Nick is holding a blood-soaked hammer. What makes this interesting is a hammer was the murder weapon for Nick’s family. Arty says he saw no man. End episode.

There you have it. Gods and Monsters by Supernatural. Without question, this episode was an A+. After 13 years, these writers are still finding ways to surprise their audience. The obvious surprise of the episode is the backstory of Nick. All this time, we have been sympathetic to Nick. All this time, was Nick a monster all along?

Personally, I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. We’ve seen gods and monsters with clever schemes so far. I can’t rule out that demons had a hand in this. In addition, I don’t think we can rule out the fact that Michael and Dean are still one. This could very well be part of the trap. I guess we will find out next week in episode three: The Scar. What do you think? Is Dean back? Is Nick the real monster? Let us know at @sidespinmedia,, and @5280Keith.