Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump And The Republican Party: Birds Of A Corrupt Feather


Growing up in New York and New Jersey, there were three things everyone knew about Donald Trump.

  • He was/is a sexual predator. (Pictured below with his friend, Jeffrey Epstein). In June 2008, Epstein pleaded guilty to a single state charge of soliciting prostitution from girls as young as 14, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

  • He routinely stiffed/stiffs his vendors: Trump has been sued at least 60 times by individuals and businesses who accuse him of failing to pay for work done at his various properties.
  • Everyone in his inner circle was/is corrupt.

  • Ralph Shortey: A senior member of Donald Trump’s primary campaign team in Oklahoma, has been handed a 15-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to child sex trafficking.
  • Tim Nolan: Trump’s campaign chair in Kentucky, will serve 20 years in prison for human trafficking and must register as a sex offender for life.

Everyone Trump surrounds himself with is either a sex trafficker, has sex with young boys/girls, or committed crimes against the United States of America.

Birds of a corrupt feather flock together. Trump has picked Brett Kavanaugh to be his Supreme Court Nominee.

Kavanaugh has been accused of:

  • Lying to congress under oath.
  • Having a gambling addiction.
  • Sexually assaulting a woman at a party.
  • Racism.

Barrack Obama’s supreme court pick, Merrick Garland, was never accused of any of these things.

Doctor Christine Blasey Ford (The Victim) wants the FBI to do a full investigation. It is the Republicans and Trump who don’t want this.

Dr. Ford has gotten death threats and had to take a leave of absence from her job. In a normal country, the victim would be consoled and the accused rapist would be shamed, criticized and put under the microscope.

Kavanaugh is everything that Trump and The GOP stand for… and it is all bad.

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