I Am Tired Of The Donald Trump And The GOP Lies


Rudy Giuliani is a liar. But, what he said on Sunday defies logic. Rudy said,“Truth isn’t truthMake no mistake about it, the purpose of statements like this are clear. Robert Mueller has Donald Trump on numerous crimes and they are trying to sell this narrative.

The Truth is not the truth.

Trump said at a rally, “What you are seeing and hearing is not what is happening.”

Chuck Todd allowed Giuliani to spew lies throughout the entire interview. It was a colossal failure in journalism.

Tim Russert said, “The Primary job of the media is to hold the government accountable.” 

The Media continues to allow these Trump surrogates to lie without any repercussions. Sam Nunberg was a guest on AM Joy this weekend. Sam actually brought up the Clinton’s selling Uranium One to the Russians. Rev. Sharpton didn’t correct him or speak up. Instead, he thanked Sam for coming on the show. My reaction is captured perfectly in the picture below.

Shepard Smith debunked the Clinton/Uranium One Conspiracy below.

Republicans claim to be the party of Family Values:

  • Trump has been married three times and cheated on every wife he has had.
  • Trump has paid off mistresses. He has tried to buy their silence for cheating on Melania.
  • Ralph Shortey:(Trump’s Campaign Chairman for Oklahoma). Is going to jail for Sex Trafficking. He was caught in a motel with a 17-year-old boy.
  • Timothy Nolan: (Trump’s Campaign Chairman for Kentucky). Nolan has pleaded guilty to human trafficking.
  • Roy Moore an accused pedophile: Trump’s campaigned for Moore to when he was running for office in Alabama.
  • Jim Jordan has been accused of turning blind eye to sexual abuse as Ohio State wrestling coach and he showered with his players. Jordan is trying to silence former Ohio State wrestlers from telling their story of sexual abuse.
  • Thousands of immigrant children have been locked in cages, tortured, drugged, abused and molested because of Trump’s immigration policy.

Republicans claim to be the party of fiscal conservatives:

  • Trump has spent over $120 million on travel and vacations (President Obama spent $96 million in 8 years.)
  • Trump’s son’s, cost tax payers over $200,000 last month, traveling and trying to promote the family business.
  • Larry Kudlow went on national TV and lied about the National Debt. Kudlow said with a smile on his face, “It is coming down in record numbers”. 

Trump has said that Micheal Cohen, Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn are all Good Men:

  • Manafort was just found guilty on 8 counts.
  • Cohen just pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws at the direction of Trump.
  • Cohen said he acted for the purpose of influencing the election.
  • Flynn has pleaded guilty.

Everyone Trump has hand picked is corrupt and going to jail.

Trump has lied 4,000 times since Vladimir Putin installed him into the White House. How many times have Kellyanne Conway, Sara Sanders, Rand Paul and Paris Dennard lied for Trump?

I am tired of the GOP and corrupt Trump Crime Family lying to the American people, are you?

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