BBQ Talk!!


Let’s Talk Bar-B-Q low and slow… Being a Chef and from Memphis, Tennessee. I think I know a little something about cooking up some BBQ. Well, this week it’s not about what I know but what people around the U.S think is the best BBQ restaurant Top 10 list… But before we jump into this list I would like to give you a little history lesson on BBQ in our country.

Depending on where you go in the United States the type of BBQ you get is different. Some heavy dose of sauce, others dry rub or a vinegar bath. One of the best parts of enjoying BBQ is the debate about which style of cue is the BEST. The passion for this cooking style is expanding in a big way and the respect from the culinary world has increased. It is not uncommon to see BBQ tours all across the country as folks try some of the best chefs have to offer.

If it looks like the building could fall apart at any time and the door cracks when you open it they probably have some fantastic food inside of their smoker. You hit North Carolina where “whole hog” is king. Memphis is all about pork of any kind and tomato-based sauces. South Carolina uses Mustard and brown sugar. Kansas City will smoke ANYTHING and use thick molasses and tomato sauce. Want to make your life better? Try some REAL burnt ends Kansas City style.

Texas with its German and Czech background introduces us to the glory known as brisket. Dry rub mostly sauce gets in the way of the star of the show which is the meat. Not to be forgotten is Alabama. Sandwiches rule the more meat you can stuff in between the bread the better. No sandwich is complete without “white sauce” it’s a mix of mayonnaise and vinegar.

And now for 10-6 of the Best of America BBQ List. 

10. Double J Smokehouse & Saloon (Memphis, Tennessee)

  • Address: 124 E Ge Patterson Ave, Memphis, TN 38103-4505
  • Location: United States  >  Tennessee (TN)  >  Memphis
  • Phone Number: +1 901-347-2648

This Memphis restaurant excels at a St. Louis classic — the pork steak. Fugitt, a St. Louis native, describes the dish as “a transcendent pork experience.” Other notable plates include the bourbon-glazed wet ribs and the equally mouthwatering dry ribs.

9. Central BBQ (Memphis, Tennessee)

The barbecue here is great, but the pulled-pork barbecue nachos are next-level. Central BBQ is so popular and beloved that the restaurant and its owners have made appearances on shows such as “Pitmasters,” “The Best Thing I Ever Ate,” and “BBQ with Bobby Flay.” Though he’s normally a dry-rib kind of guy, Fugitt praises the wet ribs here.

8. Skylight Inn BBQ (Ayden, North Carolina)

Locals call this place “Pete Jones’ BBQ” after owner Pete Jones, who opened the spot when he was just 17. He has served his barbecue to former presidents and earned an award from the James Beard Foundation. Jones’ specialty is whole-hog pork, served with cornbread and slaw.

7. Franklin Barbecue (Austin, Texas)

Franklin is one of the most notable barbecue restaurants in America — and it has the snaking line to prove it. Customers arrive early in the morning and wait hours for the brisket, ribs, and sandwiches at the restaurant, which is open only for lunch. Pitmaster Aaron Franklin even holds a James Beard award for best chef in the Southwest.

6. Herman’s Ribhouse (Fayetteville, Arkansas)

Herman Tuck opened Herman’s in 1964. And though the restaurant has shuffled owners, Tuck’s barbecue tradition remains alive and well. The spare ribs are a popular choice here, but “Herman’s Famous Garlic Chicken” is also a favorite.

This is the End of the list this week check back with us as I give out a good Memphis style Bar-B-Q sauce recipe and the Top 5 BBQ Restaurants.