Marvel: Who Are The Top 5 Sexiest Female Characters?


The Marvel Universe is a male-dominated place but there are a few pieces of eye candy tossed in the middle of all that testosterone. As a man, how can I not drool over the likes of Storm, Hell Cat, Jessica Jones, Jean Grey, Captain Marvel and others? Trying to pick the top 5 was not as easy as I thought it would be when I initially came up with the idea.

Here are the top 5 sexiest female Marvel Characters.

Daisy (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)


Daisy is not the always dressed in a tight black outfit but her beauty still puts her on this list. But, as many have found out over the seasons, she is much more than looks. Even without her powers, she will still put anyone, male or female on the ground with her intense fighting skills.

Elektra (DareDevil)


Elektra stole the show in Season 2 of DareDevil and The Defenders. It wasn’t just her fighting style or cocky attitude but the sexiness she let off had all men in awe. Elektra is dangerous, like killer dangerous but still a woman first. She didn’t have a skin-tight suit this season but I’m sure the writers will place her in one now after hearing the male response to her character. Her looks are out of this world but it’s that killer’s mentality that puts her on this list. Nothing like a confident woman.

Mystique (X-Men)


Like somehow I was going to leave her off the list, not in this lifetime. Mystique gives off the illusion that she’s naked. Her skin may be blue but we can see every curve. There is nothing left to the imagination. What makes her that more appealing is that she can become anyone she wants. With clothes on, she still gives off a sexual aura but the true beauty of her character is catching Mystique in her raw, natural element.

Black Widow (Avengers)


Okay, don’t kill me. I know for most she is by far the hottest and rightfully so but she is second on my list for personal reasons. Black Widow has no mutant powers, she’s a red-blooded, ass-kicking human that loves the tight outfit. I guess it doesn’t help that she can handle her own and shows no fear but she also shows a woman side ever so often, especially when Banner is around. She is by far one of the sexiest characters Marvel has but not quite on the level of No.1

Storm (X-Men)


It doesn’t matter what you say to me, there’s no sexier woman in Hollywood than Halle Berry. Yes, this choice may have been based on the actress but how can anyone top Berry? Storm, in her own right, is sexy, beautiful and the fact that she is at least 20 years the senior of the characters mentioned above proves my point. The silver hair, the fact that when she enters a scene it’s like everything goes in slow motion. Storm is the sexiest female character Marvel has.