Music 3 Piece


Is it safe to say we haven’t had a better summer for great hip-hop music in the last 5-6 years than we are right now in 2018? Once you think Pusha T, Nas, Kayne West and The Carters have us, BOOM new heat comes down the pipe. I for one am loving it and can’t wait for what’s next, this week’s music 3 piece is an all hip-hop affair. Who doesn’t love to discover a new artist and then follow them along, which is what I did this week. We also had a young legend remind us that big-time music has been a 2018 theme and not just the summer.
Artist: NF
Album: Single
Song: WHY

Why: You can find new music all over and one of my go-to apps is Shazam. I heard the opening to this song on HBO Hard Knocks and was hooked by the beat and his opening 16. Hit the rewind button grabbed my phone and let the app do its thing. Apparently, I am late to the NF train he debuted an album in 2015 and is a dope lyrist. In this single, he is having a conversation with himself and asking why he is the way he is. From feeling guilty for being well off to asking why he acts as if he needs no help when he really does. Overall the whole song just struck a chord with me we all have our inner battles and issues and it helps to hear we are not alone. Now I’m on my job to hear more from him. One of the stand out lines is.
Me and pride had made a pact that we don’t need no help
Which feels like I’m at war inside myself, but I forgot the shells
I hold my issues up for all to see, like show and tell
A lot of people know me, but not a lot know me well”

Artist: J Cole
Album: Freestyle
Song: Album of The Year

Why: That Nas beat from Oochie Wally drops and you are locked in taking you back to when that was the hottest song out. It’s only a two-minute freestyle but he roasts it and leaves us wanting for more. And I have to say he reminded me quickly how good KOD was and how nice he is at this rap thing. If you don’t have your bars right Cole is not the one you want to mess with. Shouting out his entire Dreamville roster and Fayetteville, N.C. I’m a golden era hip-hop fan so if the rhyme isn’t right I most likely won’t be a fan. J Cole is a top 5 rapper hands down and this not so friendly reminder is proof. Check the stats kids.

“Expand your vocab
I’m giving out toe tags for no cash
All summer long plus three seasons after
Please CC a rapper, tell him meet me
It’s imperative that my heat speak to rappers
The problem with this game is this weak sea of rappers
I’m the answer on the low, I’m a cheat sheet for rappers
I came up ’round AC to DC adapters”

Artist: Mic Capes
Album: Single

WHY: About two years back I stumbled across an interview on one of my favorite sites and they had this emcee from Portland, Oregon named Mic Capes and then they played the video for Razor Tongue. Boooooy from the black and white video to the beat and those bars I was ALL IN with Mic. Sent out a quick tweet to him and he hit me right back and gave me a follow I was an instant fan based on how real he was. Fast forward and we have this new single to add on to the #SummerofRealHipHop. His flow is a throwback and producer Drae Slapz put his stamp on it BIG time. This joint is a warning to those who are sleeping on his talent and internet gangsters hiding behind keyboards. Lines that stick out to me:
“This is James Harden meets James Baldwin”
“But I’ve never seen a gangster make threats on Twitter”
“I spit that sh*t that makes Pac and Big praise dance”
That’s a wrap on this week 3 piece hop online to download these songs and give the artist a follow on your social media platform of choice. I’m always up for new music so send it my way or let me know who I should check out no matter the genre I am game. In the meantime, stay positive and turn the music up LOUD. Follow me @JoeCardoso301