The greatness of Anita Baker


Imagine sitting on the back porch relaxing with an adult beverage on a Saturday evening. The temperature is around 75 degrees on this night with a slight wind. The thought of that sounds like heaven on earth. What kind of music would you be listening to at this time? There are plenty artists that you could name. Sade has some soothing music, but one artist people tend to forget about is Anita Baker. The songstress announced this year that she will be done touring after this latest tour she is on. And with that, one of the best and most unique voices of our lifetime will be gone.

If I had to describe the feeling of Anita’s voice to anyone, I would say it is one that catches you, caresses your ears and puts you in a relaxing mood. Just listen to this song here and tell me what you think:

This song was one that many remember when they think of Anita Baker. Just listen to the smooth delivery. She hits every single note with such accuracy. Notice the emotion she has when she sings the song and how even if you listen to it on the radio, you feel the music and her emotion in it. There are plenty artists in this day and age that sing but you cannot really feel their music at all. In fact, it feels like a manufactured emotion from some of these artists out there. Anita is one artist that plenty need to look to on how to be authentic with your music through and through.

Anita has that unique voice and style, but what makes her the unforgettable star that she is you can always remember where you were when you hear her songs. For example, I have one memory from when I was a kid when it comes to Sweet Love. I remember riding in my mother’s gold Cadillac with the leather seats while the wind was blowing during the summer while this song was on. Not only do I remember the moment I heard this song, but I remember the smells that were in the air along with the how the wind felt when riding in the car with my mom. Not all music makes you feel that way, but the unforgettable artists keep you having that feeling over and over again.

People champion a lot of singers, but it seems like Anita never gets her just do. Her unique sound is unmistakable and her touring the country for the last time means another incredible voice will never be heard live again. So long Anita. You are a star with timeless music that will never ever be taken from us.

Here is one more Anita Baker song for you all who are not familiar with her:

If you don’t know Anita Baker’s music, you are truly missing out.