Music 3 Piece


Hey, music fans I want to thank everyone who checked out last week’s music 3 piece the response was off the charts. As we kick off a new week time to share so of the tunes that have my toes tapping and me channeling my inner pop star. I also want to give a shoutout to my friends Marisa Cali and Step Perry for sharing some good music with me. As I said last week if you are an artist or have a track I should listen to send it my way via Twitter or email. Without further ado let’s get cracking.
1. Artist: Styles P
    Album: Single
    Song: Ghost in The Sky
WHY: Anyone who has heard Solange album knows it is amazing and the song Cranes in The Sky is a stand out track. Well Styles P of the group The LOX takes it and makes a remix that only lasts almost two minutes and it bangs. I have always been a fan of Styles P style and how he paints a great picture with every verse and this is no different. Smooth laid-back track with a nice 16 bars from a legendary rapper I’ll take it.
2. Artist: Sunshine Anderson
    Album: Your Woman
    Song: Heard It All Before
WHY: I LOVE Go-Go music! If you are not from the Washington D.C. and Maryland area you need to Google it asap. This anthem for women who have been wronged still rocks even though this song dropped in 2001! Sunshine’s voice and the beat are a perfect match and are ahead bobber for sure. Even with the topic being her sick of her man’s excuses and lies it comes upbeat and even uplifting. So whether it’s a bad break up or just a track to get through that tough workout this song fits the bill.
3. Artist: Chvrches
    Album: Cover
    Song: Love originally by Kendrick Lamar
Why: Covers are tricky they can be good or make you want to rip your ears off. This came as a share from Marisa Cali and I was impressed. Having never heard of the Chvrches they took an already great song and gave it their own spin. CHVRCHES did this for triple j’s Like A Version. Like A Version is a segment on Australian radio station triple j. Every Friday morning a musician or band comes into the studio to play one of their own songs and a cover of a song they love. Perfect for that summertime night drive I for one will be checking out more of their stuff and recommend you do the same.

Hope you enjoy this week 3 piece and I look forward to hearing from you and sharing great music NEW and old. So far, this summer has been FULL of awesomeness for music lover’s worldwide and we still have August to look forward to. Who should I be checking out? Hit me up on Twitter @JoeCardoso301 and let’s talk music. And if you are an up and comer chasing a music dream send me some tracks. The Music 3 Piece column is super interactive and for the music lover in all of us. Check back next week for another 3 songs appreciate you swinging by. In the meantime, stay positive and turn the music up LOUD.