Forget Everything You Know: EXTINCTION A Netflix Film


NETFLIX knows its science fiction. That’s pretty obvious after releases such as ARQ and The Cloverfield Paradox (just to start). EXTINCTION follows a long line of great NETFLIX sci-fi films and holds the torch steady.

From the start, EXTINCTION has everything you’ve come to expect in a futuristic sci-fi movie: clean lines and glass surfaces, silver-and-white sets, hexagonal shapes, and holograms at your fingertips. None of it appears overdone, and more near future than distant. It’s welcoming and peaceful in its simplicity. A stark contrast to our hero Peter’s (Michael Pena) nightmares of the future that’s coming.

We’re thrown pretty quickly into yet another extinction level event movie, which honestly didn’t matter to me. I’m here for all your ELE movies as long as I have characters to root for (check) and heart-stopping action (double check). Add in an alien invasion, and I’m rooted to my seat until the credits roll (triple check!).

Basically, I was sold twenty minutes in.

What I didn’t expect was that goldmine of a twist going into the third act. There are no “original” ideas anymore; as a writer in this same genre, I have intimate knowledge of this conundrum. Having taken some of the avenues used to hide, yet reveal the clues, I had some suspicion of what to expect. And yet…the truth still took me by surprise.

That’s why I’m giving EXTINCTION a 5 out of 5. Everyone involved in creating this movie completely nailed it.