Grey’s Anatomy: Who’s Your Best Relationship Besides Derek and Meredith?

Grey's Anatomy

When it comes to TV romances, Grey’s Anatomy has provided viewers with some of the best ones. For doctors, there are long hours spent in the hospital which forces bonds and one-night stands to happen at the workplace. What has ensued over the years has been both steamy, dreamy, and heartbreaking to say the least.

So, if you were to choose which relationship was the best (excluding Meredith and Derek’s), who would you choose? Here are my top 5.

Here is a look at a few of the best relationships in Grey’s Anatomy history

Jackson and April:

They just may be my favorite couple of all time on the show. The chemistry was always there but they fought it constantly. When they finally decided to give it a go, the writers started it off as a one-night stand. At first glance, I wasn’t sold but what it did was build us up for what we see now. They tried and it didn’t work, they went their separate ways with other relationships only for Jackson to barge into April’s wedding, steal her away then marry her. It was a fairytale moment that had us believing they could go the distance. But problems arose and they could no longer hold on to what made them so special in the first place.

Ben and Bailey:

As one of the shows longest married couples, we’re left wondering how they make this work? But, in the process, we should be seeing more of their married life. “Church and State” last only five seconds before Ben is off doing something reckless and Miranda is reading him the riot act for two minutes then they’re kissing again. With Ben off fighting fires now, their onscreen time has dwindled. Even with that, they have held down the show for the last few seasons as the new “it couple”.

Alex and Jo:

This is a great couple. Alex and Jo are both brash, much like Alex and Izzie were in the beginning. Alex has tried to turn his life around and Jo is the perfect fit for him. Their biggest issue is that they are too much alike and it often gets in the way of their romance. Alex made a mistake when he thought Deluca was forcing himself on Jo but how can she stay mad at him for this long when all Alex was doing was protecting his girlfriend? What makes these two so good is their love/hate they have for one another. They both love hard which causes some of the best fights and arguments in Grey’s history. I will always root for theit marriage to make it.

Callie and Arizona:

This is a couple that has been through EVERYTHING together. They have cheated on each other, kids, near death, amputations, and heated arguments but, they somehow always made it past that. Until they couldn’t anymore. Arizona was the often quiet one in the relationship while Callie took on the strong role. They balanced each other out but, where they went wrong was that neither of them couldn’t let go of the past. Even though Sophia was not her child, Arizona still cared for her like she was even after the divorce. By far one of the best couples on the show. The good news is, they’re giving it another shot.

Richard and Ellis:

Yes, this is a throwback but without these two, there would be no show. Richard and Ellis were the original Meredith and Derek. They were in love but couldn’t be together. Only did we find out years later that they had a child who now works at the hospital and still seems to be hesitant in building a relationship with her father. We didn’t get to see too much of Ellis and Richard’s affair on-screen but I’m pretty sure it was steamy.