Cuisine of New Orleans


Those of you that know me, know that I am one hell of a fussy eater, but I have crowned a king of NOLA cuisine.

That being said, I had absolutely zero complaints in New Orleans. The first night we went to Mr. Ed’s Oyster Bar and Fish House in the French Quarter. It’s small, but cozy and inviting. We started out with the fried alligator….I didn’t like it, but to be fair I’m not a huge fan of fried food. I just never had alligator before and I like to order the weirdest possible thing on the menu, which I did consistently in NOLA. I ordered Crawfish Rockefeller, it was amazing. It had crawfish, oysters, shrimp and bacon in each oyster with what I believe was a parmesan/pesto blend, with lemon and bread.

You could definitely tell the seafood was fresh and prepared appropriately. You know how sometimes when you bite into an oyster and it crunches because it hasn’t been cleaned right? Well there was none of that here. I would highly recommend this dish to anyone visiting NOLA, also the service was friendly and fast, but if you don’t like things spicy….don’t order their Bloody Mary.

The next place we tried was probably my least favorite. We went to Oceana Grill, and did a few small plates, we weren’t too terribly hungry but wanted to try it out. We ordered BBQ shrimp, alligator sausage, and cajun fries.

So the cajun fries were interesting, it was fries with crawfish mushroom cream sauce and cheddar cheese. I didn’t like it, but my friend did (I think this goes back to me not liking things that are fried). The BBQ shrimp we couldn’t even eat, they would absolutely not come out of the shell and I went to great lengths and made a mess everywhere. I am not sure if when they were boiled they were put into a pot of lukewarm water and then boiled. I’m not sure how you fuck up shrimp like that, but they did. The best part of the meal, in my humble opinion, was the alligator sausage. It wasn’t rubbery, it was seasoned and cooked really well. Zero complaints there. If you go to Oceana, make sure to get a steaming drink and alligator sausage, but everything else was just….meh.

Let me preface this next one with: Service sure as hell isn’t everything, but it can definitely tank an experience. We went to The Original French Market Restaurant and Bar. The food was quality, the crab legs were fresh and abounding. I’m use to getting maybe a single midget claw, but I got at least four massive claws. It was really good, but man, our server was legit MIA like the entire time, same with the table next to us. Come to find out he was on an epic smoke break that lasted just until it was time to collect the check and resumed again after. We literally passed him on the street out in front of the restaurant puffing away like it ain’t no thang.

The final place I want to mention, is legit the best place to eat in NOLA, and it’s called…drumroll please……..


I’m telling you what, that place is absolutely dope-a-saurus-rex. I ordered the smoked duck quesadilla, yeah you read that right. The menu really doesn’t say much outside of that other than it has homemade salsa, creamy orange sauce, and sour cream. I wasn’t sure how that orange sauce would play, but it made the dish, it complimented the smoked duck, and it really brought the dish together. DO NOT ORDER IT WITHOUT THE ORANGE SAUCE…..don’t make me repeat myself.


The decor is cozy, historic, and kinda grungy…just the way I like it. Their food has a level of sophistication I was definitely not expecting, I heard it was good…but damn. Next up was the Rabbit and Sausage Jambalaya, it is a traditional creole rice dish, simmered with tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, local seasonings, boneless rabbit, and smoked pork sausage, but get it with shrimp and crawfish. It was probably one of the top 10 dishes I’ve ever had, I mean ever. Spicy, but I had no fucks to give.