Music 3 Piece


What up music fans! This is music 3 piece a weekly column of the music that has me jamming, thinking or in my feelings for the week. I listen to it all from alternative rock, EDM to some punk and all time periods so expect the unexpected from me. With that being said let’s get to it with the 3 songs that I am feeling this week. All artist info is included, and I hope to help introduce you to some new music or fire up the way back machine.

1. Artist: The Carters
    Album: Everything Is Love
    Song: NICE
WHY: We all were caught off guard when Beyoncé and Jay-Z dropped this album. Setting things off with APE SH*T and this Pharrell Williams produced track is so smooth. It starts off with Jay doing what he does best talking trash and throwing jabs at issues in society. Not to be outdone B comes in hard and spits a fresh verse. Who else can make saying the F-word so cool? And my favorite part is Pharrell who drops a dose of positivity to end things.
“Anybody ever had an era/when things could have been better/Feelin’ like you were on a stretcher/ and all you remember was the hecklers/but the universe lifts that weight/then you shine like a new feather/blessings on blessings etcetera/feeling like the best year EVER (Damn It’s Nice!)”

2. Artist: Dizaro
    Album: One More Night Single
    Song: One More Night
WHY: As a lover of upbeat music for work and the occasional workout this song is a home run. Dizaro is from France and makes chill music that a friend introduced me to recently. Looking for a new song to add to the workout playlist I say give him a go and let the good vibes flow.

3. Artist: Mike Shinoda
    Album: Post Traumatic
    Song: I.O.U.
WHY: Most of us know Mike as the lead emcee of Linkin Park and his last side project back in the day was Fort Minor and, in my opinion, that album was good. He always picks good collaborations and his beats knock. This is his first solo album and comes a year after Chester Bennington committed suicide. I.O.U. is an aggressive shot at anyone who thinks Mike and his crew have fallen off. He goes hard and reminds us of just what he has done in the music business. Love his wordplay and jabs he throws.

“I don’t need your respect, I got history/I’m 81 Regan with the nonsense miss me/Father like Francis, Anakin, or John Misty/ Not to be touched, sucker.

Hop on whatever music service you use and check out these tracks and albums. Who should I be checking out? Hit me up on Twitter @JoeCardoso301 and let’s talk music. And if you are an up and comer chasing a music dream send me some tracks. The Music 3 Piece column is super interactive and for the music lover in all of us. Check back next week for another 3 songs appreciate you swinging by. In the meantime stay positive and turn the music up LOUD.